Are the Measles Outbreaks an Indication of Lowered Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE)?

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SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. - July 2, 2019 - PRLog -- Public health officials and various mainstream medicine advocates have been using the return of measles as an opportunity to promote vaccines. Most of the spokespersons lack firsthand knowledge of the precise details of vaccine manufacturing. Some of this proprietary information is even withheld from FDA regulators, who are prohibited by law from openly disclosing questionable data regarding vaccine safety.

Measles outbreaks are being solely attributed to a small percentage of parents who are hesitant to have their children vaccinated.  Their concerns are fueled by prior examples of the pharmaceutical industry placing profits above the pursuit of safety issues. Allowing for an independent review of vaccine manufacturing and for the conducting of rigorous additional safety tests on vaccines would be reassuring to many of the hesitant parents.

It is also possible that humans are becoming more susceptible to measles. This concept is consistent with some of the measles outbreaks arising from the weakened measles virus used in the vaccine. It can also explain why several of the cases have occurred in previously vaccinated individuals.

This issue is reminiscent of the historical debate between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Beauchamp. Pasteur initially argued that the mere presence of specific germs would inevitably result in disease. Beauchamp attributed infections to a breakdown in the body's terrain, such that damaged tissues could no longer resist microbial invasion. As is usual with such debates, both proponents were partially correct with differing relative contributions of the pathogen and of the host's susceptibility, depending upon the type of microbe involved.

Pasteur lent support to Beauchamp's terrain theory by proving that prior immunization with a microbe could enhance the body's resistance to the specific microbe used in the vaccine. The focus then moved to the belief that the immune system, expressed as antibodies and lymphocytes, was essentially the body's major defense against all infections.

This opinion was challenged with the discovery of viruses, which differ from the viruses from which they are derived in that they do not evoke inflammation. This is because of the deletion or mutation of the genes coding for the relatively few virus components that are normally targeted by the cellular immune system. This immune evasion mechanism is termed stealth adaptation. Humans and animals infected with stealth adapted viruses do not become progressively ill and can clinically improve. The improvement occurs via the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway, which is a source of cellular energy that is different from the energy provided by the calories in food.

The ACE pathway is the primary defense mechanism against stealth adapted viruses.  It can also defend against other virus and bacterial infections, including HIV, herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc. The ACE pathway serves other functions in the body in addition to its being a defense mechanism and a non-food source of cellular energy. In particular, the ACE pathway uniquely supports higher level brain functions. It can also play a major role in providing scar-free tissue regeneration from traumatic wounds, including burns.

The ACE pathway is driven by an environmental force termed KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction). KELEA is attracted to separated electrical charges. Its fundamental role in Nature is presumably to prevent the fusion and annihilation of electrostatically attracted opposite electrical charges. Recent studies have shown that the availability of KELEA can be reduced by the separated electrical charges evoked by electromagnetic radiation. Manmade electromagnetic radiation has dramatically increased over the last several decades. This increase will continue, especially with the introduction of 5G transmissions.

Reduction of the natural availability of KELEA has presumably led to an overall lowering of the ACE pathway. This would have led to a greater susceptibility of humans to various illnesses. It is worthwhile noting that measles is not the only illness that is increasing in prevalence. Chronic illnesses now impact more than half of the population, with especially alarming rises in diseases with impaired brain function.

Humans can seemingly receive KELEA via certain forms of fluctuating electrical activities of the brain. The energy is transferred to the body's fluids as a source of cellular energy. Mineral containing dipolar organic complexes can also function as receivers for KELEA. These complexes can be produced by the body. Many comparable dipolar materials are also obtainable from natural sources. KELEA can be transferred to water, where it leads to a loosening of intermolecular hydrogen bonding. KELEA activated water can be consumed or even carried close to the body.

Public health officials are reluctant to embrace the concept of stealth adapted viruses. A major reason is that certain of these viruses arose from the cytomegalovirus of African green monkeys. Cytomegalovirus infected monkeys were routinely used to produce polio vaccines. Moreover, DNA of monkey cytomegalovirus is present in previously approved polio vaccines. By not considering stealth adapted viruses, public health officials have also excluded consideration of the probable role of a reduced ACE pathway in illnesses, including measles. This article may encourage public health officials to review many of the internet-available publications on this topic. Information is also included in the book by the author entitled "Stealth Adapted Viruses; Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) & KELEA Activated Water. A website is under development. In the interim please address inquiries to

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