Premium Toothpaste: What's It For?

There a lot of elite brands of cosmetics, wines, clothes, and remedies for oral hygiene are no exception.
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NEW YORK - June 26, 2019 - PRLog -- There a lot of elite brands of cosmetics, wines, clothes, and remedies for oral hygiene are no exception. But do you really need to buy luxury toothpaste? Will such toothpaste be better for your teeth? Let's figure it out.

Types of Toothpaste

A toothpaste, regardless of its price, is divided into four categories.

Healing toothpaste

Healing toothpaste must have certain certificates, which are appointed by the dentist for medical purposes. They usually contain components in higher concentrations. But remember that you should use this toothpaste only with a medical prescription. Healing toothpaste can be elite or standard.

Whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste which contains abrasives more effectively removes plaque from teeth than other types of toothpaste. But more expensive whitening toothpaste doesn't contain aggressive abrasives, they are replaced with softer ones which are as effective as the aggressive counterparts.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Such toothpaste contains fewer components which cause pain and discomfort during toothbrushing. You have a big choice of premium toothpaste. Their manufacturer focuses on a gentle toothbrushing.

Universal toothpaste

You can buy universal toothpaste at any supermarket. Most commonly such kind of toothpaste is cheap because it's standard and appropriate for most people.

Useful Properties of Premium Pastes

There is one big difference between premium and standard toothpaste - premium toothpaste contains components that are absent in standard toothpaste. And this is the main cause of a higher price and uniqueness of premium toothpaste.

Enamel strengthening and gentle cleaning

Such toothpaste usually contains hydroxyapatite. This is the component that strengthens tooth enamel, protects it from acid damage and helps to care for sensitive teeth.

People with sensitive teeth often experience pain during toothbrushing. But toothpaste containing theobromine is the best choice for people facing such a problem. This component prevents cavities, strengthens enamel, and has an antibacterial effect. Theobromine can easily replace fluoride due to the same properties.

Special implant care

Dental implantation is becoming a very popular method to restore lost teeth. People who have at least one tooth implant ( use special premium toothpaste that reduces the risk of implant rejection and improves gum health.

This toothpaste is for daily care despite the high cost. It may contain oxygen in high concentrations which kills even anaerobic bacterias. A toothpaste with oxygen stimulates regeneration of mucosal and gum cells, improves local immunity, which is especially important in the first months after getting dental implants.

Also, such toothpaste doesn't contain aggressive abrasives and effectively fight spots and pigmentation that occurred on implants due to soft exposure of enzymes and oxygen.

Fluoride replacement

Premium toothpaste often doesn't contain fluoride. Yes, fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens the enamel but an excess of this component may provoke allergy and negatively affect the thyroid, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Moreover, fluoride in large quantities causes fluorosis, that is, the occurrence of stains on the teeth. So, be careful with fluoride toothpaste.

What About Fake Premium Pastes?

This is quite a logical question. There are a lot of fake luxury clothes, cosmetics, wines, etc. So, what about fake premium pastes?

In theory, the risk of buying a fake premium toothpaste is not high, because such toothpaste is less known than brands of clothing, shoes or cosmetics. Therefore people buy this kind of toothpaste less frequently than brand clothes, cosmetics, etc. It's better to buy premium toothpaste in stores specializing in professional oral products.

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