Picks Marshall Barnes Paper, 'Killing Closed Time-Like Curves', for Special Promotion

The breakthrough paper by Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng, Killing Closed Time-like Curves (For Their Own Good and Ours) has been selected for special promotion by for readers of related subject matter, dramatically increasing its exposure.
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng recognized by for closed timelike curves.
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng recognized by for closed timelike curves.
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SAN FRANCISCO - June 25, 2019 - PRLog --, the platform used at 12,357 universities for academics to share papers to accelerate the world's research, has notified internationally noted R&D engineer, scientist and temporal mechanic, Marshall Barnes, that his paper, Killing Closed Time-Like Curves (For Their Own Good and Ours) has been selected to be promoted to readers of related subject matter from the web site, thus dramatically increasing its readership and exposure for Marshall.

"Dear Marshall,

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"I know this is certainly an important notice," Marshall said, "as that paper overturns a concept in theoretical physics that's been promoted and defended without any real thought - for decades now. Closed Time-Like Curves have become 'code' or synonymous with time machines, which is a ridiculous idea on its face - but unless you have a cogent attack against it, which no one really had, you can't really kill it. It's like a bad cold, that won't go away, because the proper medicine hadn't been applied correctly. This paper, is that antidote..."

The ramifications of his paper include the fact that 100% of all the time travel theories, utilizing CTCs, or as they're known by the general public - "time loops", are now invalid. All designs for inventions, such as some quantum computers, using CTCs, are null and void including ideas by such physicists as Seth Lloyd, Scott Aaronson, and even David Bacon at Google. The biggest casualty could be the time machine idea of UConn's Ronald Mallett, which depends on his calculations for exact solutions from Einstein's general theory of relativity, indicating the gravitational field of a circulating beam of light would produce frame dragging and then closed time-like curves. But Marshall shows that closed time-like curves are not known to exist in reality, physicists don't agree on their behavior and they have no cogent model for what time is.

Without any of those things, CTCs are like mathematical mirages, with no basis in fact - which then rules out any possibility of Mallett's time machine design ever working - even if it were built. However, this does not rule out the existence of the possibilities for time travel. In fact, it turns the focus towards the direction Marshall has been pursuing, using his own model of time - that solves the time asymmetry problem, and obtaining more funding than Mallett. It's a situation predicted by tech reporter, John Brandon, back in 2010.

"Those of us working in the time travel science field are coming to the realization that all of the things we've been taught, about applying Einstein's theories of relativity to time travel, are no-go solutions. It's one of the reasons why there's been virtually no real progress, until recently."

Marshall points out that the real solutions are to be found in the confluence of quantum mechanics and information theory and has conducted the experiments that support that model, leading to the experiments proving that parallel universes are real, something CERN's Mir Faizal thought would never happen.

"I think it's clear to me that there is some probability of us going backwards in time," Neil Turok told the BBC in July of last year. "In quantum physics, nothing is impossible - particles travel through walls!"

Turok, of the Canada's Perimeter Institute, explained that, "One should never say never, because some clever person will come along and tell you how to break the rule." Marshall is proving that he just may be that clever one.

You can read Marshall's paper at which includes photos from experiments, charts, diagrams and graphics - dramatically proving the reality of his discoveries and work.

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