Belle51 Launches Most Effective Handheld Laser for Black and Brown Skin

Black-owned beauty technology company launches the Solèy, a handheld laser for black and brown skin that removes dark spots, melasma, unwanted moles, stretch marks and acne scars in as little as a week.
Belle51 Soley Laser
Belle51 Soley Laser
LOS ANGELES - June 24, 2019 - PRLog -- Belle51, a beauty technology company focused on laser skin treatments for the full range of skin tones, today launches the Solèy, a handheld laser for at-home removal of dark spots, melasma, unwanted moles, stretch marks and acne scars. The Belle51 Solèy is the first FDA-approved home laser therapy device for all skin types. It caters especially to "the minorities' majority," black and brown tones for whom existing laser technology has until now been ineffective or unsafe.

Just a single laser session at a clinician can cost up to $1,200. Advancements in lasers have made it possible for consumers to treat unwanted hyperpigmentation faster than ever before, in shorter treatment sessions, and with smaller devices. With just seconds of treatment every 2-3 days, users can begin to see their desired effects in as little as one to two weeks. The Solèy accomplishes this by using lasers of multiple types and wavelengths to break up excess pigment deposits at the base of the epidermis, leaving them to be metabolized naturally by the body.

How It Works

Because recent laser and light treatments have been largely developed and tested based on color contrast, many recent breakthroughs have only worked reliably for people with fair skin. "The beauty and aesthetics industry has effectively ignored what I call 'the 51%' of skin tones in creating some of the most exciting technology out today," Belle51 CEO Lisa Pegram points out. "As a Black, female engineer, seeing treatments that are only safe or effective for half of the shades on the Fitzpatrick scale showed me where existing priorities were. So, we made the other half our focus, and ended up with a product that works for everyone."

The Solèy is priced at $200 US and is currently available at

About Belle51
Belle51 is beauty technology for the majority's minority. We are the first laser company to be concerned with the specific skin issues of Black and Brown communities. We continuously develop the latest technology in skin care to bring to market home devices that are safe and effective for all shades, particularly those underserved by the beauty industry. Find us online at and on Instagram.

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