Over 500 peer-reviewed published research studies anchor the Patient Activation Measure® as the leading patient self-management model

15 years of third-party published research studies conducted in more than 25 countries affirm PAM® as the gold standard for evaluating a person's self-management ability and guiding more effective support from healthcare resources.
PORTLAND, Ore. - June 10, 2019 - PRLog -- Insignia Health, the leading provider of health activation solutions and services, recently recorded publication of the 500th independent, peer-reviewed research study featuring the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) as a key variable.

Since 2004, an increasing number of studies published each year continue to reinforce that low activation indicates a greater likelihood for hospitalization, increased use of emergency services, and a higher probability of developing a chronic health condition.  PAM quickly pinpoints individuals and populations at risk for adverse health outcomes, and guides healthcare professionals in tailoring care plans to improve activation through positive and sustainable behavioral changes.

"Using PAM as a vital measure is becoming the standard in studies where understanding and changing health related behavior are key goals.  Measuring activation enables healthcare professionals to quickly determine who needs more assistance, how to more effectively intervene, and what type of support will be most helpful," said Dr. Judith Hibbard, Research Professor with the Health Policy Research Group at the University of Oregon and lead PAM inventor.  "The widespread use of PAM in studies around the globe indicates that activation is a universal concept predicting outcomes in diverse populations and in different cultures.  We are also learning that using PAM to personalize care is effective across demographics and care delivery systems and in varying settings."

Dr. Hibbard added, "By quantifying how much of a difference activation makes in outcomes, the studies are showing us the necessity of supporting patient activation for achieving health improvements and controlling costs."

Health systems, hospitals, insurers, life sciences companies and other population health organizations around the world benefit from the outcomes of studies using PAM to quantify the effectiveness of individual care plans as well as large-scale community health programs.

"It has been extremely gratifying to witness how these research studies have validated the application of the Patient Activation Measure to significantly improve patient support and health outcomes over the past 15 years.  Evaluating changes in PAM scores over time has become as fundamental as analyzing other vital biometric measures, like blood pressure and cholesterol," said Chris Delaney, CEO of Insignia Health, the exclusive licensing organization for PAM.  "We know the volume of published research will increase for years to come.  Hundreds more studies are currently in progress looking at the relationship between patient activation and value-based care, person-centered care, condition-specific challenges and many other innovative topics."

The research studies listed below reflect PAM's impressive properties for predicting utilization and associated costs.

·       Patient Activation Changes as a Potential Signal for Changes in Health Care Costs: Cohort Study of US High-Cost Patients

·       Improving Population Health Management Strategies: Identifying Patients Who Are More Likely to Be Users of Avoidable Costly Care and Those More Likely to Develop a New Chronic Disease

·       Reducing emergency admissions: unlocking the potential of people to better manage their long-term conditions

·       Adding a Measure of Patient Self-Management Capability to Risk Assessment Can Improve Prediction of High Costs

A searchable list of all 500+ studies can be found at www.insigniahealth.com/research/archive.

About Insignia Health: Insignia Health is the global provider of PAM-based solutions that pinpoint both patient and population health risk, improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) is a predictive powerhouse backed by over 15 years of health activation research and insight gained from supporting hospitals, health systems, insurers, life science companies and government health agencies around the globe. The company's products and services help organizations exceed performance objectives by tailoring care programs to increase activation resulting in lower costs and illness burden. Insignia Health is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Visit www.insigniahealth.com to learn more.

Jim Honish

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