The Time Travel Model of Avengers:End Game Linked To Research Results Of Marshall Barnes

In yet another connection between Marshall Barnes & Hollywood time travel entertainment, the startling multiverse concept & time travel in Avengers End Game is not only connected to Marshall's recent breakthroughs, but the origins of his interest.
The Avengers Special Edition that inspired Marshall toward parallel universes.
The Avengers Special Edition that inspired Marshall toward parallel universes.
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - June 3, 2019 - PRLog -- In a shocking revelation from whom fans are now calling, "Professor Hulk", the balanced blend of
Marvel comics character Bruce Banner with his Hulk alter ego, it would appear the way time travel works in the movie, Avengers: End Game, is the way Marshall Barnes has proven it actually works, for the most part, from his physical experiments demonstrating parallel universes in action.

Ever since Avengers: End Game hit movie screens, there's been a debate over the way they handle time travel, a major feature in the film. Simultaneously, the so-called "rules of time travel" have been a major point of contention with internationally noted time travel expert and R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, who emphatically states there aren't "rules" but laws of time travel physics. Writers of sci-fi TV and movies need to learn what they are because not only are audiences catching on - hence the demise of NBC's Timeless, but time travel is on the cusp of reality as we know it.

There has been a constant stream of time travel movies and TV shows - at an ever increasing rate. As a result - the informal establishment of "time travel rules", sounding as if they're based on scientific principles - but aren't. For example, Time magazine's Eliana Dockterman writes in her article, Breaking Down the Complicated Time Travel In Avengers: End Game, "Let's say they steal the Space Stone from Tony Stark's father in 1970. Doesn't that mean that Tony Stark's father was never able to study the Stone, thus he never creates the Arc Reactor technology that Tony later uses to power the Iron Man suit? And Iron Man is never born? This is basically a version of the Grandfather Paradox of time travel: Travel back in time to kill your grandfather, and then you are never born — hence you are unable to kill your grandfather."

However, Marshall, who's been a leading writer and answerer of questions on such topics for, vehemently disagrees - and even created a formula illustrating the science proving the Grandfather Paradox little more than an old wive's tale.

"The formula is called Marshall's Copenhagen Everett Barnes Paradox Solution," Marshall explains. "It's written just by using the initials MCEBPS, but the formula itself is simply CEB. It works by running the scenario through the C for Copenhagen, in reference to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which posits you can only have one result per measurement. That kicks out any scenario where you have a paradox, except, when you look at the geometry involved - time travel to the past is a paradox because it doesn't happen the first time around. Most people, especially people believing in time travel rules, miss that. But there's been nothing found in physics preventing the actual mechanics of time travel, so your scenario can run through the Everett interpretation, involving parallel universes, like seen in Avengers: End Game. The 'B' for Barnes, is my unique contribution to the proceedings - focusing on the evidence of happened.

"For example in the Grandfather paradox, your grandfather is alive but you're there to kill him, which you weren't before which would violate Copenhagen, so obviously you're in a parallel universe copy of the past. If you kill him and then return, you'll still find him alive when you arrive. Thus, changing the past doesn't change the future. Professor Hulk was right - more right than anything on Timeless or that new Spike Lee produced time travel film, See You Yesterday, for that matter."

However, there's a greater irony. An Avengers special edition comic book series originally got Marshall interested in time travel and parallel universes. That series involved the story arc of the Celestial Madonna and the villain, Kang the Conquerer. Though it was originally published around 1973, Marshall didn't read it until 1979, while taking a hiatus from work after high school.

"I was just hanging out in my large bed room, but in deep creative thought all day." he explains. "I was playing Shaun Cassidy's Todd Rundgren produced album, Wasp, over and over, when I wasn't listening to Roger Powell's Air Pocket, and teaching myself to play drums. Through it all I was reading this incredible, crazy story with the Avengers, featuring all this time travel and Kang the Conqueror and the Celestial Madonna, and parallel universes. My mind just started absorbing it all, making sense of it."

Eventually, Marshall began writing science fiction based on the existence of parallel worlds, cosmologically. In 1992, he learned from Fred Alan Wolf's book, Parallel Universes:The Search for Other Worlds, the scientific basis for the concept for parallel universes, and began researching the topic until now, he's not only the leading researcher outside of academia, but has experimentally proved the theory - something physicists, like CERNs Mir Faizal, thought would be impossible.

Now, Marshall has gone beyond his experiments, which show results predicted by Germany's Rainer Plaga, to being funded to research time travel based on his work and that of American Medal of Science Award winner, Yakir Aharonov. Marshall believes time travel will be possible within two years. Those finding it hard to believe should consider what Marshall says:

"Everything you know about time travel is wrong. All the experiments bare out this new possibility (see And we're going to use it to escape this phony future, most people believe in."

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