Actress Maria Pazouros Shares Film/TV Success

"Stay focused on the goal, eliminate doubt, and realize success involves a lot more than talent"
By: Maria Pazouros
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Maria Pazouros - Back-to-back starring roles
Maria Pazouros - Back-to-back starring roles
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - May 30, 2019 - PRLog -- Multiple award-nominated British actress Maria Pazouros has signed to star or co-star in over half a dozen Hollywood film and television productions. All are scheduled to shoot between late 2019 until mid-2023 with budgets ranging from $7.2 million for the Nemesis Pictures film "F8" to $150 Million for Cuban Lightning Enterprises' film trilogy "The Zipper."

Maria Pazouros is making a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Not only is she passionate about her work, she is also passionate about sharing her success. "Major success is absolutely attainable!" she stated enthusiastically. "Experiencing success in the film industry – or in any area of life – is relatively simple as long as you are focused, determined and driven. First, acknowledge your dreams. Secondly, dream bigger . . ."  She smiled, making eye contact with every one of us. "because your dreams are not big enough."

Maria suggested that actors thank producers for their work. "Everyone wants and needs to be acknowledged. Make it a point to know who the producers and directors are, especially those who produced film and TV projects that inspired you, motivated you or greatly entertained you. Send them thank you cards."

"Meet producers you admire who can say, 'You're hired!' Make it a point to shake their hands and thank them in person."

"Having amazing talent is not enough."
That statement raised some eyebrows. Maria explained, "Dozens of brilliantly talented actors who have been pursuing the film industry for many years are giving up every day. If it were all about talent, that would not be happening."

She said that passion with above average talent was more important than superlative talent without passion. "Approach the industry as a serious business. Simply being serious elevates you above the so-called competition," Maria said, smiling. "Of course, the only competition you have is sitting in your seat right now." She quickly added, "Give! Your job is to bring the producer's vision to life. Be grateful. Share the success, share the journey. Show others the path."

We asked about a "Plan B" in case success doesn't happen. Maria was beaming. "If failure is not an option, there is no Plan B."



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