Omicron Protocol, an intra-apocalyptic arena combat miniatures game, is live on Kickstarter now!

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SAN FRANCISCO - May 21, 2019 - PRLog -- Dead Alive Games is proud to announce that our first skirmish style crossover miniatures game has just been launched on Kickstarter on May 20th, 2019.

Omicron Protocol is an "intra-apocalyptic", squad-based arena combat miniatures game that is fun for all tabletop gamers.

In the year 2050, the once utopian city of San Lazaro was crippled by a mysterious virus. Quarantined and cut off from the rest of the world, the survivors band together in order to escape the city before they too succumb to the infection. The only thing standing between them and salvation are the rival factions looking to accomplish their own goals in this chaos, and the "CyMS"; once ordinary people that have grown maddeningly violent and unpredictable for reasons unknown.

In the game, every character is represented by a detailed 32mm-scale miniature, possessing their own rich history and personality, as well as powerful cybernetic abilities! 2-4 players battle it out with their squads through various scenarios, to see which faction will survive and escape! Omicron Protocol is filled with innovative and unique game mechanics that make every game thrilling and exciting, ushering players deeper and deeper into the gripping lore of San Lazaro and those who fight in its chaotic streets.

Our Kickstarter page can be found at:

Designers' Background

Brendan Kendrick
got started in miniatures gaming with the "gateway game" of X-Wing (version 1.0) back in 2014.  After a couple years, he wanted something more challenging in terms of strategy and more involving as a hobby.  With classic skirmish games such as Malifaux and Infinity, he honed both his competitive and painting skills. After a few years of practice, his self-taught painting ability advanced so quickly that he won the "People's Choice Award" as well as a gold medal at the KublaCon painting competition in 2017.  He later got into Guild Ball and won numerous painting awards, to the point where there is a "Brendan Kendrick Best Painted" award named after him at the local Guild Ball tournaments. As a player, he's not too shabby either, winning many local Guild Ball tournaments and always terrorizing the other Guilds with his Butchers.

Bernie Lin got drawn into the world of miniatures the moment he picked up a 4th edition Warhammer 40K rulebook in 2004.  After a short hiatus due to school in 2008, he returned to miniatures gaming in 2014 with X-Wing. During that period, Bernie built up the San Francisco Bay Area X-Wing & Guild Ball community by going store to store to run tournaments and leagues.   His efforts in X-Wing resulted in an 800+ member community on FB where players from different stores can still coordinate events and talk about the game across the Bay. After he picked up Guild Ball, he also built up the local GB community by being a Pundit over the past couple years, running multiple tournaments and leagues every year to keep the scene going.  While mainly a miniatures gamer for the tactical aspects of the game, he's learned to enjoy the hobby aspect thanks to Brendan's tutelage.

Vision for the Game

There are 3 reasons why Brendan and Bernie decided to make Omicron Protocol.

First, there aren't many miniatures skirmish games out there that contain a "3rd party enemy" which served to interfere with the players' plans and tactics in the game. The desire to add a fresh new twist to miniatures skirmish games spurred them to create something unique.

Second, the designers wanted to create a game world that represented the diverse population of the area they lived in.  And through that, have a game where all sorts of diversity is embraced and reflected. Omicron Protocol's cast of powerful, unique, and diverse characters ensures that players from all walks of life can be represented.

Finally, the pair wanted to make a game that is casual and streamlined enough to welcome board gamers, but tactical enough to keep the hard-core miniatures players challenged. A fine balance between the two will introduce new players to the joys of miniatures gaming and allow veteran players to enjoy a deep and tactical experience.

Brendan and Bernie hope that a wide variety of gamers will enjoy the world, stories, characters, and tactical challenges of Omicron Protocol soon!

Kickstarter Offerings:

We will be selling a Core Box containing 2 of the launch factions, Peacemakers and Survivalists (12 32mm-scale heroes, including 1 50mm base model), 16 "CyMS" miniatures (4 unique sculpts) as well as all the boardgame components needed to play a full 2-4 player game.  This is a FULL game, not a partial game like other starter boxes or "core sets" out there.

There will also be an expansion pack with 2 extra factions, the Red Dragons and Animals, with 12 more heroes, including a 50mm-tall bear and a 90mm-tall elephant model, and any extra cards and chits needed to play those 2 factions.

Prices can be found on the Kickstarter Page:

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