Colorful Jerseys - A new fashion brand for extreme sports

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SAN FRANCISCO - May 15, 2019 - PRLog -- Skydiver Augusto Bartelle is launching his debut summer collection this May of 2019. Colorful Jerseys is more than just a line of extreme sportswear. This brand is partly a celebration of an amazing sport but is also the beginning of a foundation designed to support the skydiving community in a novel way– The Colorful Jersey Foundation. By bringing visibility to the sport and providing sponsorship opportunities to athletes, this is a brand with a mission.

In 2017, Augusto Bartelle collaborated with California designer Rebecca Wendlandt to create a completely unique skydiving jumpsuit for himself. Augusto wanted a jumpsuit unlike any he had ever seen– with eye-popping color and a complex construction. His jumpsuit became his signature, and brought joy and recognition everywhere he took to the sky. It was so popular that in 2018, he decided to create a line of jerseys inspired by it, and the Augusto Bartelle extreme sportswear line Colorful Jerseys was born.

With five distinct models ranging from show-stopping dayglo to merely vibrant and bold, these jerseys are made to spark joy and celebration in the sky and on the ground. Profits from the sales of Colorful Jerseys go towards the Colorful Jersey Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships to aspiring skydivers and sponsorship to more established athletes. This foundation was founded as a direct response to the lack of genuine sponsorship within a sport that is notoriously expensive and comes with unique risks.

In addition to boasting gorgeous, vivid colors, these jerseys are designed for action and built to last. The Italian ink used in their printing process is fade-resistant, and the fabric itself offers UPF 50 sun protection. The jerseys combine moisture-wicking, breathable mesh construction with flatlock seams to minimize the risk of chafing and ensure quick-drying, making them a perfect fit for skydivers (and other athletes as well).

Augusto has been working hard for years to pay it forward in the skydiving community with his informative and inspiring skydiving blog, but Colorful Jerseys is his effort to involve the community in a bigger way. In the words of founder Augusto Bartelle, "I want to create a colorful army of cool people who want to give back to the sport they love." This community may have its head in the clouds, but their hearts are always in the right place. For the first time ever, this brand offers a way for the community to support each other and increase their visibility at the same time, together.

If you would like to become a contributor to the blog, interview Augusto, or get involved in the Colorful Jersey movement, contact Augusto Bartelle directly or visit the Colorful Jerseys store (


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