What Alterations do Bridal Boutiques Offer?

Diamond Bridal Gallery is expanding its alteration services!
Diamond Bridal Gallery Alterations
Diamond Bridal Gallery Alterations
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - May 21, 2019 - PRLog -- Most experts tell you that shopping for your wedding dress up to nine months in advance is the best policy. If that sounds like a long time, consider this: most dresses need to be ordered, and more importantly, go through a series of bridal alterations. But knowing when to order your wedding dress is only half of the battle.

Bridal alterations are crucial to making sure you dress fits like a glove on your wedding day—and few brides know that more than Zoe Morgan, a mother of six who, in a rush to get married sooner than she'd originally planned after her step father received a devastating cancer diagnosis, ordered four dresses online.

While there are always risks to ordering dresses online and you're better off visiting an established bridal store, Ms. Morgan faced an utter nightmare: two of the dresses were ill fitting, and two ever came at all.

In a last minute miracle, she bought and gown from a local bridal boutique and ordered it with just eight weeks to go—and it was some last minute, but thoughtful alterations that saved the day.

While Ms. Morgan's story is remarkable, no bride wants to end up in a situation when your wedding dress doesn't fit with just weeks to go. Here's our short guide to all you need to know about bridal alterations—and what kind of services bridal stores have to offer.

1.       Start early as possible. Immediately after you find your wedding dress, you should get started on alterations. Keep in mind that larger scale alterations, including adding fabric, will be more expensive and take more time. Even if you just want a nice fit, you'll have to come several times before your wedding. Set aside five to seven weeks for alterations, more if it's something bigger.

2.       You're best off with in house alterations. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress is making sure that store offers wedding dress alterations. That's because they will likely be familiar with the dress itself and be more than happy to work with you. Still, if you do purchase a dress elsewhere, many bridal boutiques, including Diamond Bridal Gallery, offer alteration services.

3.       Consider a custom dress. If you can't find anything to your liking, full service alterations may also offer custom designs.

4.       Even small alterations take time. Hemming takes about five weeks.

5.       Emergencies can be fixed. In the worst case scenario, you may be looking at just a few weeks before your wedding at a wedding dress emergency, but don't fear—emergency alteration can be done with just two weeks to go.


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