11 Best Ways to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is a whole range of biochemical processes that occur within our body.
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BROOKLYN, N.Y. - May 10, 2019 - PRLog -- Metabolism is a whole range of biochemical processes that occur within our body. The more it works, the faster you lose weight. Fat cells attract water molecules that linger in the body, forming swelling. At the same time, consumed calories are more slowly processed into energy. As a result, you see an increase on the weight scales, and in the reflection of the mirror is not a perfect figure at all.

Ways to Boost Metabolism

1. Separate meals

Meals should be frequent and separate. With an increase in food intake decreases its bulk. This allows you to develop a good habit - do not overeat. In this case, the stomach does not stretch, as with large amounts of food, but only decreases. The norm for the stomach is food, with a mass of 200 grams.

2. Waiver of exhausting diets

The modern pace of life does not leave much time for cooking. But it is the diet that the success in fat burning and mass gain depends on. With a sharp reduction in calorie intake, the body begins to accumulate fat, caring for its survival. Lack of useful minerals can cause many health problems. The best tooth surgeon (https://www.envysmile.com/dental-implants/impacted-teeth/) said that it can even lead to teeth loss.

The minimum number of calories consumed daily should be at least 1200 calories. Eating fewer calories will only bring short-term results. Then a quick weight gain will occur and health problems begin.

3. Eating protein foods

For the breakdown of proteins, the body requires twice as many calories as for splitting carbohydrates. It is very good to eat proteins for dinner. Proteins are found in meat, chicken, fish, and cheese. However, you do not need to "sit" on a protein mono-diet, this is very harmful.

4. Drink plenty of water

Water helps to remove waste from the body, regulates the process of digestion and carries nutrients. Drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day. Drink water, teas, and fresh juices, they all speed up the metabolism. During the absorption of a cold drink, the body spends more calories than on the absorption of hot drinks.

Green tea increases metabolism as well. One cup of green tea accelerates the burning of calories by 2 hours. One cup of coffee without milk speeds up the metabolism by 4 hours.

5. Eat a variety of spices

Spices (ginger, cinnamon, curry, hot pepper, turmeric, etc.) improve the digestive process, promote fast digestion and absorption of food, and thus help speed up the metabolism.

6. Reduce sugar intake

Sugar makes the body store up fat reserves. How does this happen? Sugar, getting into the blood, raises the level of the insulin hormone. When the insulin levels increase, the hormone carries nutrients derived from food into tissues and cells.

When food exceeds the needs of the body, or an excessive amount of sugar is eaten, this leads to the fact that insulin begins to store and turn into fat.

7. Physical activity

Pay more attention to physical activity like walking outside. Make it a rule, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle, perform simple exercises once an hour: jump and run in one spot, do a few squats, etc.

This is not about fitness, not even about full exercise (although giving yourself a full physical exercise is good for health). It's about warming up. This not only accelerates the metabolism but also prevents diseases of the joints and spine.

8. Take care of the nervous system

During stress, fatty acids (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_acid) are released, which are redistributed throughout the circulatory system and deposited as fat. In addition, stress is often exacerbated by an increase in appetite and overeating.

9. Healthy sleep

For normal metabolism, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. An organism that has not rested overnight and has not accumulated the necessary amount of energy to ensure the vital activity and the full functioning of all its systems will require more food intake.

10. Contrast and cold showers

The alternation of cold and hot water is a thermal massage that improves blood circulation. This has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes. If you take a cold shower, the body spends energy on heating (this process especially is effective in the mornings before breakfast). But do not abuse this, five minutes for a cold shower is enough.

11. Sauna

Saunas help strengthen cellular activity, providing free breathing of the skin. Hot steam increases circulation in the cells, opens up skin pores, restores and speeds up the metabolism. But there are some contraindications. If you have problems with heart or blood pressure, avoid sudden changes in temperature.

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