USAM Group Celebrates Five Years and Announces Sales Slicer™ a Major Innovation in Sales Forecasting

Sales Slicer™ adds a new dimension to sales management with peer-sourced benchmarks of actual time invested working sales opportunities. Salespeople benefit from practical guidance, while executives and investors benefit from dramatically improved forecasting.
NEW YORK - May 9, 2019 - PRLog -- USAM Group Inc. is proud to announce that today marks the 5th anniversary of the company's founding.

Over that period, USAM's global team of enterprise sales and marketing professionals has matched hundreds of financial institutions with best-of-breed solutions from dozens of advanced information and technology vendors.  USAM offers complete transparency to these vendors by tracking and reporting every activity performed, including type, duration, related contacts, and other pertinent details.  During the last five years, the USAM team has recorded:
  • over 30,000 discrete activities, totaling more than 17,000 hours, across eight measured categories, such as calls/emails, meetings, demonstrations, etc.
  • conversations with close to 3,500 individuals in over 1,700 firms
  • touchpoints in nearly 400 cities across 70 countries
In the aggregate, these activities form Sales Slicer™ Benchmarks, a tremendously valuable data feed that describes the elapsed calendar time, activity count and duration of effort, and the number of contacts typically required to close enterprise sales opportunities.  All firms' sales efforts are now measurable versus similar industry peers, providing validation and practical advice for improvement.

To enhance the usability of this unique dataset, USAM is continuing to develop companion software: Sales Slicer™ CRM, a 100% salesperson-focused tracking tool for companies to easily collect their activity data; and Sales Slicer™ Dashboard, a user-friendly, benchmark visualization tool for detailed analysis and comparison of sales activities between opportunities, salespeople, accounts, regions, products, and more.  Sales Slicer™ combines curated human input with computer analytics to improve relationship-based sales outcomes.

"This new approach marks a seismic shift from traditional sales forecasting, which depends on 'enlightened guessing' at best," said Feargal O'Sullivan, USAM Group CEO.  "With Sales Slicer, enterprise sales pipelines can be quantified and analyzed according to the specific activities and efforts required to close a deal successfully.  Sales Slicer now provides practical guidance for salespeople, better forecasting for management, and more realistic growth estimates for investors."

USAM and its clients currently rely on a prototype of Sales Slicer™, and the company recently commenced a funding round to expedite development of an enterprise-ready version, which it plans to begin testing in early 2020.

Jim Considine, Chief Operating Officer for Quincy Data, said, "For more than four years, USAM Group's technical skills and longstanding relationships added leverage to Quincy Data's sales efforts. They are the boots on the ground and the persistent follow-up that sealed and deepened many client relationships. We appreciate the level of communication and transparency that USAM provides and are confident that they represent our company the same way that we do."

"It's impressive yet humbling to look back at the cumulative efforts of the team, which we can only do because of the way we report to our customers," said Dan Romanelli, USAM Group's Chief Strategy Officer.  "Looking forward to the next five years, we're thrilled to be building the platform that will fundamentally change how companies accelerate their enterprise sales efforts and better engage their sales teams."

About USAM Group
USAM Group Inc. is a New York City-based business development agency that closes deals for innovative vendors, helping them successfully navigate new product launch and early-stage growth.  Operating in North America, Europe, and Asia, USAM services a portfolio of vendors that represent the leading edge of fintech solutions.

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