Medical Detoxification Treatment vs 'Cold Turkey' Approach

JOHANNESBURG - May 2, 2019 - PRLog -- Why the need for Detoxification?

Patients come in:

• Intoxicated

• Experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms

• In poor physical condition – due to homelessness/ poor appetite/ excessive vomiting/ physically abused

• Cravings

Detoxification is considered to be the first step on the road to recovery from addiction. Yes, Detox is a natural process by which the toxins are removed from the bloodstream. Most of those with addiction think that they can quit by a 'Cold Turkey (' approach or by taking medicines at home.

In fact, this process is not successful ( It may have serious side effects. Trying to quit it alone might bring major complications. That is why entering a formal detoxification treatment ( for addiction is a great and much safer option.

Additionally, it is a more effective choice for those who need to overcome an addiction. While following such a rehabilitation program, addicts get the help they need. All this gives them the best chance to succeed in getting their life back for good (

ARCA's Medical Detox Treatment Components/Goals

With help from ARCA (, patients will get through their first chemical-free days comfortably and safely. Once they begin the anti-craving medications and relapse-prevention therapy, they will be ready to rebuild their life with ARCA's medical detox treatment which is pain-free and eliminate your cravings.

The goals of ARCA's treatment are as follows:

·         During the Detoxification process, patients enter ARCA's psycho-social program where trained social workers/ psychologists will counsel and identify trigger factors, discuss coping strategies and work on planning for the patient's substance-free future.

·         The addiction cravings can be hard to ignore and very strong. So, the process can be painful. People might go right back to start using drugs/alcohol again when they face such symptoms. So, the ultimate goal of this medical detox treatment program is of completion.

The Components of an Effective Detoxification Regime:

1.         Intensive Rehydration with Intravenous Fluid Therapy

2.          Vitamins (used to counteract deficiency states) and Nutritional Supplementation

3.         Elimination of toxic chemicals and metabolites

–          By diuresis

–          Use of antagonistic medication.

4.         Medications used for Neurotransmitter stabilization especially for symptoms related to mood disorder, insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, amongst other symptoms.

5.         A marked reduction in cravings with the use of Naltrexone ( (only non-addictive, anti-cravings medication used)

Why You Must Avoid The 'Cold Turkey' Approach?

It is never a great idea to quit a drug/alcohol addiction process alone. If the addiction has led to a physical dependence on the substance, quitting suddenly can trigger withdrawals ( that puts you at risk for experiencing serious health problems.

While some people may be able to quit easily ( through using alcohol/drug safely and successfully by stopping use altogether, there are certain circumstances under which they should not attempt to do so.

For example, people who have a history of alcohol withdrawal, are heavy drinkers, or have been addicted to alcohol for more than 10 years are not recommended to go 'Cold Turkey'.

When addiction is severe, medical detox treatment ( is absolutely required as it is considered the safest way to undergo withdrawal from addiction as compared to 'Cold Turkey'.

Entering into ARCA's Rehabilitation Program

·         The Proper Supervision by Experts

ARCA staff begin by performing a medical detoxification which cleanses the body of all alcohol and drugs. This removes the traditional 7-10 day natural withdrawal, which is a major concern for most patients, as they fear the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal.

·         Supportive and Safe Environment

Patients get personal support in a safe environment so in this way, the medical Detox treatment becomes more effective. This will facilitate a smooth transition and enhance the patients' participation in the psychosocial program, which is followed after the detoxification.

·         ARCA Medical Detox Treatment

The ARCA Medical Detox treatment ( uses the only medication that is FDA approved to treat addictions. This great rehabilitation program uses the best clinical practices, and newest/latest generation medications available.

This is the best way to quit as it allows those with an addiction to carefully make the Detoxification process as non-punitive as possible.

The medical staff monitors each and every step of their patients overall progress. Along the way, they make adjustments and deal with any issue that arises.

ARCA's Rehabilitation Program Benefits

o   Family life doesn't get disrupted.

o   All the staff are fully qualified.

o   Privacy is guaranteed.

o   This program is tailored according to each patient's needs.

o   Aftercare group support for the whole year.

o   The treatment is very cost-effective.

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