Discovery of '07 Piece By Roger Highfield, Supports Validity Of Marshall Barnes' Time Travel R&D Now

"Parallel universe proof boosts time travel hopes" claimed Roger Highfield's 2007 headline for the Telegraph. Now, 12 years later, thanks to the work of R&D engineer and temporal scientist, Marshall Barnes, it's truer than ever before.
Physicist David Deutsch, parallel universes advocate
Physicist David Deutsch, parallel universes advocate
GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - Sept. 2, 2019 - PRLog -- In 2007, a major story seemed to threaten the foundations of conservative theoretical physics.
"Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists that sweeps away one of the key objections to the mind boggling and controversial idea," the story began. Written by Roger Highfield for the UK's Telegraph, it cited wider implications for time travel, since parallel universes allow a time traveler to effectively side step the problem of paradoxes many physicists had used to argue against it. The implications were mind boggling.

The article cites David Deutsch of Oxford University, arguing "time travel shifts between different branches of reality" deriving his claim from the "many-worlds" interpretation of quantum theory. What is certain now is anything effecting the past, causes a new parallel universe into existence, with that alternative past result. This appeared in over 30 different experiments produced by internationally noted and followed, R&D engineer Marshall, based on his linking retrocausality to the many-worlds theory. Results that matched those 1995 predictions by German astrophysicist Rainer Plaga in New Scientist for a test that would prove the accuracy of the Everett model, if attempted. No one did.

Deutsch mathematically showed branching structures, created by decoherence, the splitting off of parallel worlds, can explain the probabilistic nature of quantum outcomes. Highfield says it was supported by "rigorous confirmation by David Wallace and Simon Saunders", who were also at Oxford.

Now, Marshall Barnes is leading the charge toward the creation of technology that would take advantage of this formalism, making human time travel a reality.

Back in September 2007, Deustch said the new work supported his claim that quantum theory does not forbid time travel. "It does sidestep it. You go into another universe." Deustch admitted though, there's a way to go to find methods making time travel possible. Not any more. Now Marshall, who was featured in's Time travel is POSSIBLE but you will have to travel to a PARALLEL UNIVERSE, by science writer Sean Martin, is quickly closing in on making the final step that will result in a time travel event.

The mathematical idea of parallel worlds was published in 1957 by Hugh Everett III when he was a PhD student at Princeton, as a solution to the problem of what happens when an observation is made of a particle - while measuring speed, spin or position.

Everett determined the universe is constantly splitting, a process called, decoherence, so every possible outcome of an experimental measurement occurs in a separate parallel universe. Marshall's, Parallel Lines experiment demonstrated those same results through varied anomalous hits in different positions, which indicated those hits not appearing, were doing so in parallel worlds, echoing Plaga's predictions for his own proposed experiment.

Highfield writes, "If one accepts Everett's interpretation, our universe is embedded in an infinitely larger and more complex structure called the multiverse, which as a good approximation can be regarded as an ever-multiplying mass of parallel universes." Marshall agrees.

But the "many worlds" idea has been attacked for the lack of experimental evidence. That is what Marshall changed, with his Parallel Lines experiment in 2018, named so for using Todd Rundgren's song, Parallel Lines (see ), to set the beat of strobe lights that would prove the anomalous results were not produced by the effect of camera shutter roll. Mir Faizal, speaking from Cern in 2016, was one of those who believed experiments to prove Everett's Interpretation would be impossible, making parallel worlds merely philosophy and not science.

New research, in 2007, confirmed Deutsch's ideas, suggesting Everett was on the right track.

Prof Andy Albrecht, a physicist at the University of California, Davis, told New Scientist at the time, the link between probability and many worlds: "Will go down as one of the most important developments in the history of science."

According to Highfield, Dr Saunders, a presenter of the work with Wallace at the Many Worlds at 50 conference at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, told New Scientist: "We've cleared up the obscurities and come up with a pretty clear verdict that Everett works. It's a dramatic turnaround and it means that people now have to discuss Everett seriously."

Deutsch added, "We didn't really know what probability means".

"So, the problems of probability, which were until recently considered the principal objection to the otherwise extremely elegant theory of Everett have now turned into its principal selling point." Marshall has taken that to its ultimate conclusion.

"What many people don't realize is probability becomes the fuel for time travel," Marshall says. "It becomes a matter of raising the probability you will trigger into existence the new, parallel universe copy of the desitnation you want. It includes things like Rene Thom's catastrophe theory which looks at the contributing factors leading to a sudden change in a system and Wheeler's participatory universe - which responds to "interrogations". Therein, lies the dangerous aspect of this research. It can be weaponized - why I only go so far in revealing what I know - being in voluntary compliance with USC 35, chapter 17, segment 181 - prohibiting the exposure of any technology that could be a threat to US National Security. That's why I'm not hassled by the government over my research."

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