NTW releases "HitMotion: Reloaded", the first mixed reality fitness game for the V

The game had been announced at Vive Ecosystem Conference and is finally available on Viveport M
By: New Technology Walkers
TORINO, Italy - April 25, 2019 - PRLog -- New Technology Walkers today officially releases its game "HitMotion: Reloaded", the first mixed reality fitness game for the Vive Focus Plus. The game was announced by NTW's co-founder Antony Vitillo during the Vive Ecosystem Conference 2019 in Shenzhen, China as one of the launch titles for the Vive Focus Plus. Today the agency confirms that the demo of the game has been officially released to the public and that is available on Viveport M, the official store for HTC's headsets.

"We are very pleased that everyone will be able to try this game" says Antony Vitillo, that has contributed to the project as the lead developer, "It exploits all the coolest features of the Vive Focus Plus: the possibility to take it with you everywhere, the frontal cameras that lets you create mixed reality applications and the ability to move everywhere in your room and interact with your hands. We are especially proud of the mixed reality functionality, that is something that we have developed in house and that lets the player see all his/her surroundings, so that to play this game in full safety, without the risk of punching anything or anyone around him/her. We also want to thank HTC for its prolonged support and Whitelabel Foundation for having helped us in the art and sound direction".

"There is still a long road to go" continues Massimiliano Ariani, the game designer, "we have in mind a lot of improvements that we will implement in the upcoming months, following the feedback of the users. For now, we are releasing this as a free demo, to let anyone enjoy it and start enjoying mixed reality fitness"

About HitMotion: Reloaded

Hit Motion Reloaded is the first mixed reality fitness game for the Vive Focus Plus. It's one of the 20+ launch titles for the latest VR device by HTC, the only one in mixed reality. It has been developed by New Technology Walkers, together with Whitelabel Foundation and the support of HTC. It has been announced at the Vive Ecosystem Conference 2019, in Shenzhen, China.

The purpose of the game is letting people stay fit while having fun. HitMotion: Reloaded will make the player see targets all around him/her and he/she will have to hit them fast and hard to destroy them. The targets will have a color that will determine with which hand they will have to be hit to be killed. If all blocks will be destroyed before the time runs out, and the score will be above a certain threshold, then the player will win the level, otherwise, he/she will have to try again.

Every level will increase the difficulty of the game, and soon just hitting won't be enough, and the player will also have to dodge the attacks of the enemies. Moving around the room, punching and dodging all the time in this action title will make the player stay fit and have a healthier life, all with a lot of fun and without the hassle of going to the gym.

The title has currently been released as a free demo, and will have a full release around Q2-Q3 2019 on Viveport M.

The game features the following points of strength:

• Mixed Reality: thanks to a proprietary algorithm, that has unlocked the use of the cameras of the Vive Focus Plus, "HitMotion: Reloaded" takes place in mixed reality. While playing, the user is still able to see all the environment around him/her, colored so that to be more artistic. This does not only make the game more original, but also guarantees the safety of the player. For the first time, a VR user can play a fitness game without worrying about hitting his/her TV or stumbling over a desk, since he/she will be able to see everything that there is around him/her. This also lets the game be played in small and cluttered environments;

• Full spatial motion: HitMotion exploits the 6 DOF + 6 DOF features of the standalone headset Vive Focus Plus. The player will be able to move all around his room, duck, dodge, and perform all possible movements without worrying about the cable typical of the PC VR headsets. Furthermore, thanks to the two innovative controllers of the Focus Plus, he/she will be able to have a true sense of presence of his/her hands inside the virtual world and punch the objects like in real life;

• Fast-paced action: this VR experience will reward users that will move fast. The more the player will destroy the enemies in a fast-performed sequence, the more he/she will be awarded combo points that will be fundamental to win the levels. This will incentivize the most lazy players to move a lot, guaranteeing that everyone that will play HitMotion will stay fit;

• Feedback-driven improvements: HitMotion: Reloaded has been released as a free demo because New Technology Walkers is eager to receive the feedbacks of its users. All these opinions will be taken in count during the development of the final version of the game that will be released around summer-fall 2019. This will make sure that the game will be shaped by its players, and so that its players will love it in the end.

Additional information

Presskit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B-cTBG5DkpNMl_a9oFc87Zx9QDQyNI19

Presentation article on The Ghost Howls: https://skarredghost.com/2019/04/25/hitmotion-reloaded-mixed-reality-fitness-focus-plus/

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