What Is The Difference Between Blow Molding And Injection Molding?

Clear Guide Difference Between Blow Molding And Injection Molding
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QINGDAO, China - April 25, 2019 - PRLog -- If you want to choose a suitable molding method for your production purposes. You maybe face several different kinds of choices. Blow molding and injection molding are the most common molding methods. However, before making a decision, it is important to understand the difference between blow molding and injection molding.

Here you will have a clear understanding of blow molding and injection molding with simple and easy-to-understand sentences.

There are several important differences between blow molding and injection molding.

It mainly includes the following points:

Molding Procedure

Usage of Air

Product Produced

Next, we will discuss the above three points separately.

Molding Procedure

There is a substantial difference between blow molding and injection molding .

Speaking roughly,

Blow Molding is injection + blow

Injection Molding is injection + press

Blow Molding

Also known as hollow blow molding.

The tubular plastic billet produced by extrusion or injection molding of thermoplastic resin.

And placed it in the opposite open die while it is hot (or heated to the softening state). Compressed air is injected into the billet immediately after the closure of the mold.

So that the plastic billet is blown up and attached to the inner wall of the mold. Various hollow products are obtained by cooling and out of molding.

Here is a Live Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afDuXhxeRg0) about running process of blow molding.

Injection Molding

That is, thermoplastic injection molding.

This method is to melt the plastic material.

And then inject it into the film cavity.

Once molten plastic enters the mold, it is cooled and shaped to a certain shape according to the cavity pattern.

The resulting shape is often the final product.

And no other processing is required before it is installed or used as the final product.

Many details, such as bulges, ribs and threads, can be formed in one step of injection molding.

The injection molding machine has two basic components:

Injection Device for melting plastics

Clamping Device for feeding into the mold

Usage of Air

Pay attention, please.

Blow molding and injection molding are not all need air.

For Blow Molding

With the blowing method, air is very important.

Blow molding revolves around air forced into the mold.

In order to push out and expand the product.

There is a limited amount of air the mold can hold before separating and leaving holes in the molten product.

Ultimately though, without air, blow molding is not possible to finish.

For Injection Molding

Air is the worst enemy of injection molding.

If air is present during the manufacturing process.

It can create air pockets or bubbles.

These problems will be disadvantages in the product.

Finally, it becomes the defect of the product and the unqualified product.

Don't worry!

Next is the last point.

Product Produced

However, although there are small differences between blow molding and injection molding. There is specifically one major difference between these two types of plastic molding.

Generally, blow molding is designed to produce hollow.

Such as bottles. Commonly used in food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries and countless other industries.

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Injection molding is used to produce solid product.

Such as plastic products.

Blow molding ultimately creates the shape of the plastic product.

The result of injection molding is the product itself.

By injection molding, the manufacturer only needs to make molds to ensure the success of the product.

Any additional mold will be a perfect replica of the original mold.

However, for blow molding, manufacturers must pay special attention to production variables to ensure that each product has the same thickness.

The above are the main difference between blow molding and injection molding.

After reading, you should have clear understanding about it.

Two molding methods both have its characteristic, pros and cons.

But! Remember, please!

You should be based on your produce requirement when you make choice.

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Sincerely Hope To Help You!

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