Pro Wrestling Legends to Compete in Las Vegas

Experience the historic battle in person – and perhaps be featured in an upcoming movie
By: Pro Wrestling Unplugged
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Pro Wrestling's original "Mr. Wonderful" to take on B. Brian Blair!
Pro Wrestling's original "Mr. Wonderful" to take on B. Brian Blair!
LAS VEGAS - April 22, 2019 - PRLog -- Rock Riddle, professional wrestling's original "Mr. Wonderful" and B. Brian Blair, the internationally-known former WWE superstar have contracted to wrestle each other for one final definitive match – 6:00 pm, Monday, April 29, 2019 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rock Riddle had the microphone at this morning's press conference. "Brian Blair inspired me to pursue the wrestling business." Riddle announced. Flashing a subtle condescending sneer, he added, "I wasn't very impressed." Riddle's sneer became more noticeable. "I remember thinking 'By the time I'm 20, I'll surpass everything he's ever accomplished and beat him in the middle of the ring.'"

Blair stared at Riddle in disbelief. "C'mon, Riddle, You're older than me . . ."

Blair was cut off in mid-sentence. "Did you sell out arenas all over the world?" Riddle asked.

"Yes, I . . ."

Riddle cut him off again. "I had top billing over the Heavyweight Championship of the World – Jack Brisco vs. Ken Mantel for the undisputed world championship – and I had top billing over them."

Blair was about to respond when Riddle continued his rant. "I've been inducted into three professional wrestling Hall of Fames and Gerald Brisco nominated me for a fourth. How many Hall of Fames are you in, Blair?"

Again, not allowing Blair to respond, Riddle added, "I'm nominated for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame for 2020. You ever nominated for that one?"

"Yes, I was inducted in 2015. And, to answer your other question – more than you,"
Blair quipped, smiling.

"They're making a movie about me," Riddle claimed. "There will be a 3-camera shoot on April 29th when I squash you."

The verbal contest between Riddle and Blair continued for thirty more minutes. Riddle bragged about his championships: Mississippi State Heavyweight Champion, Southern States Tag Team Champion, America's Tag Team Championship with legendary wrestler John Tolos and more. He even mentioned his Pensacola Heavyweight Championship trophy as he left the building. Seemingly, Riddle was unwilling to accept that Blair had won more championships and arguably achieved more fame.

Blair finally took the microphone unopposed. "Riddle is very good in the ring, very good," Blair shared, "but I'm fairly confident that I can defeat him." He paused, his smile broadening as he added the final word "again."

Promoter Billy Blade ( organized the Vegas wrestling events.

Come for the wrestling (free!) and stay for the 3-day wrestlers' reunion (

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