Millenium SynthFuels Announces The Success of It's Exhaust Gas Clean-up Technologies

From Concept To Proof - The Solution For Clean Coal Is Finally Here!!!
By: Millenium SynthFuels, INC
GILBERT, Ariz. - April 18, 2019 - PRLog -- Subject: FROM CONCEPT TO PROOF - The solution for clean coal is finally here!!!


Point of interest: GILBERT, ARIZONA — Millenium SynthFuels, Inc. (MSF) announces the company's patented Exhaust Gas Clean-up Technologies (U.S Patent 9,981,220) for removing carbon emissions from coal-fired plants, natural gas plants and in ships has proven to be more than successful. Achieving greater than 90% removal of CO2, 100% of SO2, and 60% of NOX consistently. Also, preliminary testing for mercury achieved greater than 90%+ removal. Testing and validation were conducted through the Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC).

Viability: The company's patented Exhaust Cleanup and Recovery System (EGCRS) has been validated and certified as an industry viable carbon emissions solutions technology. Lai Kuku, the company's founder, and CEO states, "Our technologies are a bridge of solutions that address carbon and acid gas emissions from fossil fuel powered generating plants and various industries." This new technology is positioned to offer these key advantages:

·         Proven and validated emissions reduction technology

·         CO2 is captured for storage and commercial applications

·         Cost-effective

·         No changes to existing infrastructure

·         100% reduction of SO2 emissions from land and oceanic industries

·         Greater than 90% removal of harmful Mercury emissions

·         Reduces NOX emissions

·         Effective emissions control for various manufacturing industries

·         Easy to deploy globally

·         Generates consumable commercial byproducts

·         No toxic or harmful waste

·         Positive environmental impact

·         Effective solution to end global warming and climate change

Credibility: Millenium SynthFuels patented Exhaust Gas Cleanup and Recovery System (EGCRS) went through a technology validation testing conducted by the Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) in October 2018 and its testing concluded: The EGCRS to be a validated industrial technology with merit in the removal of CO2, NOX, SO2, and Hg.

About: Millenium SynthFuels is the innovative leader in Global Carbon Emissions Reduction Technologies. Founded 2009 in Gilbert, Arizona, MSF's global mission is to provide clean energy solutions with positive environmental and economic impact assisting stakeholders to incorporate our proven technologies for creating a cleaner sustainable world for future generations.

To learn more about Millenium SynthFuels and its technologies, please contact: Mr. Lai Kuku at

Millenium SynthFuels, Inc
Mr. Lai Kuku, CEO


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