Pro Wrestling Legends' Match to be Featured in Upcoming Movie

Hall of Famers to Battle in Las Vegas – with a Hollywood Film Crew Shooting the Live Event
By: Pro Wrestling Unplugged
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Come to Las Vegas for Live Pro Wrestling & Movie Shoot
Come to Las Vegas for Live Pro Wrestling & Movie Shoot
LAS VEGAS - April 19, 2019 - PRLog -- Rock Riddle, the original "Mr. Wonderful" of professional wrestling and B. Brian Blair, the internationally-known former WWE superstar will face each other for one final battle – 6:00 pm, Monday, April 29, 2019 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both gentlemen are Hall of Famers and both are title-winning veterans of the "King of Sports."

"A Hollywood film crew is shooting the match," Riddle boasted. "Millions of fans want to witness the demise of the sickeningly sweet B Brian Blair."

It's well known that Riddle never met a camera or a microphone he didn't like. Point either at him and he snaps into his cocky, condescending, arrogant "Mr. Wonderful" character.

"No, Riddle really is cocky and condescending." Blair offered. Pausing momentarily, Blair smiled and added, "Maybe I can help with an attitude adjustment."

Rumors have been circulating regarding a new upcoming wrestling movie. Here's what we know. The working title is When Wrestling Was Real™. It's a period piece that takes place in the late 1970's and early 1980's. A tribute to the legends of the sport, it promises to bring to life the true, gritty, humorous and horrifying aspects of the wrestling business. It's based on real people and actual situations.

Ex-WWE wrestler and referee Jesse Hernandez graciously granted our request to visit his professional wrestling school in San Bernardino, California ( where Rock Riddle was working out. Riddle was "on." We assumed it was because cameras were rolling. "No, Rock Riddle is 'on' most of the time . . . and all of the time that he's in the ring," Jesse Hernandez offered.

Hollywood film producers Stan, Wilson and Steve Vang were there. "We will be filming the Riddle-Blair match in Las Vegas in less than two weeks," senior producer Steve Vang explained.

"It will be a 3-camera shoot. It's a live event and we only get one take,"
added actor-producer Stan Vang. "so, we're making sure we and the crew are totally prepared for the actual filming."

Special thanks are in order for promoter Billy Blade ( who arranged the Vegas wrestling events.

B Bryan Blair suggested that everyone come for the wrestling, stay for the 3-day wrestlers' reunion, and meet hundreds of wrestlers including "the legends you watched growing up." Reunion tickets are available here:

Always determined to have the final word, Rock Riddle told us "This is a retirement match – I'm going to give Brian Blair a wrestling lesson and retire him!"

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