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Will a new type of beverage machine revolutionize the industry?
By: Shiva Science & Technology Group LLC
LEWISBURG, Pa. - April 11, 2019 - PRLog -- Never before has a customer at a fast food restaurant had so many beverage choices as they do now.  Thanks to machines like the Coca-Cola Freestyle* and Pepsi Spire* the customer can choose from hundreds of possible beverages.  But one company in a small town in the hills of Pennsylvania is about to make that plethora of choices seem like nothing at all.  Shiva Science & Technology Group LLC is nearing completion of the prototype of a beverage dispenser they call an ABS, or Automated Beverage Synthesizer.  Shiva claims that the ABS will be able to make nearly any beverage on demand.  That's right – any beverage.  Not hundreds of choices, but billions upon billions of choices.

  How can that be possible?  Current beverage dispensers must be provided with the basic beverages or syrups, some have additional flavoring syrups which may also be mixed into the desired beverage.  This is why their beverage choices are limited to a few handfuls of basic beverages along with a handful of different flavored versions of each.  Shiva says that their patent-pending ABS doesn't work like that, but instead synthesizes each beverage from its basic chemical components as needed.

  Synthesize one's drink?  Shiva CEO and ABS inventor, Tony Bressi, explains, "Everything we drink is composed of chemical compounds, such as water, carbon dioxide, sucrose, sodium chloride, etc..  What the ABS does is combine them in the same proportions and in such a way as to reproduce the beverage, or at least the taste, color, smell, mouthfeel, and nutrition of the beverage."  An ABS relies on a database that is created by analyzing beverages in a lab to create a "component profile" which the machine uses to recreate that beverage.

  This may sound like science-fiction, but one company, Endless West (formerly Ava Winery), is currently using the concept of lab analysis to make batches of spirits and wines.  When asked about Endless West, Tony Bressi remarked, "The idea that they are running with isn't exactly new.  They supposedly came up with the idea in late 2015, but I had been working out the details of the ABS for several years at that point.  In fact, I filed the first patent filing for the ABS in January of 2016.  I passed up on the way they are doing things, because I didn't feel it was patentable.  Apparently, they thought the same as I can find no patent application by them.  So, I applaud them for their efforts, but they are rather behind the game in regards to the technology."

  So, how is the ABS able to mix all these different chemicals together in a machine the size of a large vending machine?  It turns out that the chemicals are delivered as liquids or solutions by cartridges that are very similar to the ink cartridges for printers.  There are thousands of these cartridges arranged in trays that move into position over a shuttle that moves the cup under the appropriate cartridges.  This happens very quickly and within an estimated 40 to 90 seconds the beverage is ready.

 Bressi claims the ABS can reproduce nearly any beverage, from a soft drink to the rarest, most expensive wines and spirits.  Bressi also claims that a customer would be able to customize a drink to a degree never before possible.  Whether it be by making a sugar-free version of liqueur or one without something to which they are allergic, Bressi says the customer will have a virtually limitless array of choices.  He expects the ABS to revolutionize the beverage industry, especially in regards to bars, clubs, restaurants, and even convenience stores.

 Will the ABS live up to the promises?  Will a major company like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Diageo, or Suntory license it?  Would they sit on it or would they produce it and give their customers nearly endless choices?  Shiva expects to finish the prototype this year, so the world of beverages may get very interesting, very soon.

* Freestyle is a trademark of Coca-Cola and Spire is a trademark of Pepsico.


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