Venture and Angel Capital Report: Missouri Companies Raised a Record $268 Million in Venture, Angel Capital in 2017

ST. LOUIS - April 1, 2019 - PRLog -- Missouri companies raised a record $268 million in private investments in 2017, according to the just-released Missouri Venture and Angel Capital Report, which is believed to be the largest compilation and analysis of venture and angel capital data available without a subscription. The report is published by Cara Stone, LLP ("Cara Stone") a law firm specializing in capital markets, private equity, venture and angel capital, and mergers and acquisitions.

The funds raised in 2017 were the result of 111 financing deals. Missouri companies raising increasingly larger amounts of venture capital indicates signs that maturing, high growth companies are succeeding and on track for substantial growth and exits.

The report showed that between 2011 and 2017, St. Louis consistently had the highest amount of deal activity in the state with 58% of the total deal volume and 61% of the total capital raised. Kansas City had the second highest with 12% of Missouri's deal volume and 25% of capital raised. Companies based outside of St. Louis and Kansas City raised 15% of the total capital with a total of 50 Missouri cities raising capital.

"The vibrant companies of the future are going to emerge from places like Missouri that understand hard work and how to build real value," said Mark Graffagnini Managing Partner of Cara Stone. "Investors are routinely looking for growing companies outside of the overcrowded coastal cities. Historically, there's been a lack of information on the venture capital landscape in these markets. This report was designed to eliminate that information gap for companies, investors, and policy makers."

From 2011-2017, almost 30% of the venture and angel capital deals in Missouri were raised by SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Biotechnology companies made up 17% of the deals, while healthcare companies made up 9% of the total deal volume. Overall, technology and healthcare companies have had a significant impact on venture capital landscape in Missouri between 2011-2017. Combined, technology companies (SaaS, technology, and mobile tech) made up 43% of the total deal volume, and healthcare (biotech, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals) made up 32% of the total deal volume.

Biotechnology companies accounted for 27% of the capital raised in Missouri from 2011-2017, followed by SaaS companies at 21% of the total capital raised, and healthcare companies with 15% of the capital raised. Healthcare and technology companies as a whole had a large impact on the total capital raised in Missouri between 2011 and 2017. When combined, healthcare companies (biotechnology, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals) made up  45% of the total capital and technology companies (SaaS, technology, and mobile tech) made up 32% of the total capital raised.

"It's important for companies, investors and policy makers to identify these naturally forming clusters," added Graffagnini. "Transparent data allows ecosystem leaders to craft policies that increase efficiency for the early stage capital market, and identify areas for improvement."

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About Cara Stone:

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