Turbo Trade S.A. introduces the smart home of the future for everyone

An intelligent home for a dozen or so dollars - now it is possible. The new mobile application, Vision, allows you to create a home management center without destroying the walls in your home, and will turn the traditional home into the house of the future.
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Vision family
Vision family
NEW YORK & TORONTO & LONDON & TOKYO, Japan - March 19, 2019 - PRLog -- There are over 4 billion people in the world who have access to the Internet, and almost 3 billion of them actively use a smartphone. It is estimated that more than one billion homes can potentially be converted into smart homes for a dozen or so dollars. A house in which everything we do with a voice command is a dream of many people. The barrier in possession of such a house is usually the high cost of implementing such a solution. Soon everyone will be able to make an upgrade to their own home for only a dozen or so dollars.

The Turbo Trade team from Poland has created the Vision solution that allows you to create your home management center digital friend, an exclusive digital butler for the user available 24/7. For demanding users, it has advanced possibilities of personalizing conversations. Vision can be a partner in the conversation at a level depending on the user's involvement in its configuration.

The possibilities of modern smartphones and embedded technologies such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth open new doors for integration with other smart devices at home. These possibilities are the driving force behind more intelligent, modern-day mobile applications. Intelligent mobile applications allow us to easily connect multiple devices and their voice or manual controls. However, this is not all because expectations against a smart home are much wider. At this time of significant social media development, people are becoming more and more lonely and text communication does not give the same experience as even minimal face to face "meetings" and conversations.

The phenomenon of loneliness is a relevant problem of the 21st century. That is why the intelligent Vision application gives the opportunity to change its name and appearance and in addition rescue options in case of life-threatening situations. Currently, the Vision crowdfunding campaign is in progress so the Vision application can be purchased in advance. Details can be found on the website below.


The possibilities of the Vision application are wide. We can increase its range of operation by pairing several devices simultaneously with the installed application. The application already has a wide range of integrations, including advanced lighting control and music management capabilities. It has access to the kitchen recipes databases and encyclopedic data, and can help in planning daily tasks or remind us about the planned events.


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