Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Actor Mike Pfaff's new book The Student Within: The Art and Science of Easier Learning,

Learning has never been easier and Mike Pfaff shows you how!
By: Mike Pfaff, The Student Within
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LOS ANGELES - March 4, 2019 - PRLog -- Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Actor Mike Pfaff's new book The Student Within: The Art and Science of Easier Learning, is now available as an eBook, Paperback  and soon as an Audiobook.  It is available from Ingram (ISBN 9780692972427 via their catalogs),,  Kobo, Glose and educational sites everywhere.

"I've been a teacher for 15 years," said Mike Pfaff, "and this book is the culmination of my observations and tested teaching methods. THE STUDENT WITHIN is a program of study that I devised to help me and my students achieve academic success."

Michael Pfaff was never a great student in high school. He wasn't a bad student, he just wasn't that good and like many kids opted for a quick, half-hearted attempt at homework, usually on the day it was due. "If you asked the guys I grew up with if they ever thought I'd be teaching high school science, let alone writing a book, they'd probably laugh. I can't blame them. But here I am, an educator, a writer, a mentor, and here to help you find your own student within."

The combination of teaching, acting and performing gives Mike a powerful gateway toward empowering students to finding their own sources of passion, motivation and innate strengths. The reality that the art and science of learning can truly be applied when aligning what's in your heart to what you're choosing to do with your life inspires Mike and his students on a daily basis.

Mike Pfaff is also available as a motivational speaker, sharing his insights with parents, students and educators.  With his experience as an actor and stuntman, he is lively engaging and provides an interesting, humor-filled and interactive program that will engage with an audience and impart some outstanding ways to enhance "the art and science of easier learning."

Testimonials about Mike Pfaff

"Without Mr. Pfaff, I would not be pursuing my dreams at USC. He is the type of teacher that does not only teach you in the classroom setting, but he challenges and motivates you to be a better version of yourself. He made it possible for me to be the first person in my family to go to college and I know that he will open up that path for many students to come. He is invested in his students and has a passion for teaching: a quality that not many teachers have." Ariel Vieira, former student, pre-medical student - USC

"Fantastic school guidance, but what's equally impressive is Mike's ability to help one navigate through the maze that is life." Lat Le, former student, pre-medical/psychology student - UMASS

"Mr. Pfaff was one of my favorite teachers in high school because he always managed to make learning both fun and meaningful. In The Student Within, Mr. Pfaff presents some great strategies to help all students find enjoyment and meaning in their educational pursuits!" Elle Fanning, former student, actress

Everyone needs a purpose in life and "The Student Within" can help guide one through the path of self-realization, motivation, and reflection. So inspirational and thought-provoking! Mr. Pfaff's real-life experiences as well as his passion, perseverance, and generosity will empower young adults in finding their own life purpose and inner strength to become a better version of themselves. And if you ever feeling lost, read Mr. Pfaff's takeaways! --Thao Nguyen, former student, Registered Nurse

Mike Pfaff perfectly captures the inner struggle a student feels, and offers detailed and valuable advice on how to develop a personalized plan to navigate this crucial point in a person's life. The wisdom in this book is exactly the type of advice I would have wanted to hear in high school, but it is now perfectly laid out in a comprehensive and accessible way. Being a former student of Mr. Pfaff, I can say that I am proud he has created an effective medium to share his knowledge on education; I hope anyone who reads this book takes the lessons to heart. As a premedical student at Stanford University, who is dealing with his own struggles and hardships, I can truly say that education is personalized and The Student Within offers a flexible set of guidelines. Good luck on your journey ahead. Eric Smith, former student, pre medical student - Stanford

Mr. Pfaff was one of the main highlights my junior year of high school. He made me excited to come to class and learn! He was so encouraging not only in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. Mr. Pfaff doesn't only care for his students' academic achievements, but for each individual's personal growth achievements. I can honestly say that he set a standard for what I look for in engaging professors as I wrap up my senior year of college, even as I look to get my Masters next fall. - Esther Mugwanya, former student, social work - University of Texas

For more information, and to engage Mike Pfaff for book signings and speaking engagements, please contact him either through Scribes Unlimited, or at :  or through the website


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