New Start-Up Company, BOMANI Cold Buzz, Announces Launch of Alcohol-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Three Charismatic, Young Founders of Company Create Cold Brew with a Sting
By: BOMANI Cold Buzz, LLC
HOBOKEN, N.J. - Feb. 28, 2019 - PRLog -- Entering the beverage market this Spring with the first drink of its kind, Co-Founders Sam Madani, Kai Drewry, and Amin Anjedani are proud to announce the launch of BOMANI Cold Buzz, an alcohol-infused cold brew coffee set to make its first public appearance in local establishments across New Jersey. The Co-Founders, known by their friends and family as the "BOMANI Brothers," are excited and proud to be the first movers in the all-new "Cold Buzz" category.

Purposely avoiding high-calorie, high-sugar, dairy-filled, and synthetic ingredients, BOMANI Cold Buzz is low calorie, low carbs, low sugar, and gluten-free – all with approximately 6.0% ABV. On top of these healthier attributes, BOMANI partnered with coffee and alcohol industry veterans and worked tirelessly to ensure the final formula met their strict flavor standards.

"In today's fast-paced world, many consumers are working long hours and are trying to find energy to still enjoy a healthy, social life," said Amin Anjedani, Co-Founder and Chief of Product & Design. "We realized a lot of people added caffeinated chasers to their alcoholic beverages. That's when we decided consumers deserve a convenient, healthy alternative to high-calorie espresso martinis or shots chased with synthetic energy drinks."

After committing themselves to countless hours actively researching, networking, surveying, sampling, and testing their product, the BOMANI Brothers landed on a combination of cold brew coffee and sugar-fermented alcohol (the same type of alcohol often used in hard seltzers). The result is a clean finish that allows for the smooth cold brew flavor to shine. From start to finish, BOMANI Cold Buzz contains aromas of caramel, chocolate, and toasted nuts. The product is intentionally free of carbonation and dairy to avoid bloating.

The BOMANI Brothers will host their initial launch in New Jersey, due to its dense population and high propensity for both alcohol and caffeine consumption. The BOMANI Brothers will interact with their consumers directly and develop an innovative model for alcohol sales & distribution. Following the launch in New Jersey, the plan is to widen their reach into the New England region, and move westward thereafter.

"Our goal is to prove our business model and build a story for the launch to a wider audience," said Kai Drewry, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. "In New Jersey, we will sell in select retailers. As we expand, consumers will see BOMANI Cold Buzz in all retail outlets, including liquor stores, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants."

According to Sam Madani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, "The name BOMANI comes from a Farsi word that means 'to have purpose.' Our purpose is to empower individuals who, like us, challenge the status quo. We know that challenging the status quo is not supposed to be easy – but we believe that you deserve to be able to work toward your purpose without sacrificing your social life or physical health. Simply put, the three of us are part of the massive audience that deserves a product like BOMANI Cold Buzz."

The BOMANI Brothers have developed a unique, creative approach to raising awareness. In addition to traditional social media tactics, such as working with influencers and preparing cross-branding initiatives, BOMANI Cold Buzz serves as the host of the BOMANI Collective. The BOMANI Collective is a hand-selected community of entrepreneurs, fitness gurus, Wall Street professionals, actors, musicians, artists, models, and more. By capitalizing on their respective complementary skillsets, Members of the BOMANI Collective work and grow together in tandem with the BOMANI brand.

The BOMANI Brothers frequently echo their slogan: "Let BOMANI Cold Buzz reward your hustle, energize your night, spark your brunch, and amplify your festival weekend."

To learn more about BOMANI Cold Buzz, visit the website and follow the company on social media:
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About BOMANI Cold Buzz
BOMANI was founded in New York City by three native Californians. The co-founders, known as the BOMANI Brothers, were introduced to one another through a network of mutual friends. Once they had the idea to create alcohol-infused cold brew coffee, they dedicated their lives and careers to see if they could really make it happen. After doing their due diligence and finding that existing products were all high-calorie, heavy, and frankly, not too tasty, they decided consumers deserved a better option. They created this option by formulating a delicious beverage that is low calorie, low carb, low sugar, gluten-free, and has approximately as much naturally-occurring caffeine as just over a half a cup of coffee.

BOMANI is the pioneer in the all-new "Cold Buzz" alcohol category.

Media Contact
Kai Drewry, Co-Founder & COO

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