Canadian Psychiatrist Puts Donald Trump on the Couch

Two Years of Trump on the Psychiatrist's Couch by Canadian psychiatrist Dr David Laing Dawson was written because it is a time that anyone who can see the dangers has a duty to speak up.
Two Years of Trump on the Psychiatrist's Couch
Two Years of Trump on the Psychiatrist's Couch
DUNDAS, Ontario - Feb. 26, 2019 - PRLog -- It is perilous for a psychiatrist to write about a political figure and unethical to analyze or diagnose  without actually examining that person within a doctor/patient relationship. To make those findings public, consent is required.

Dr Dawson has done that because "we live in a moment of history when the leader of the free world (as the president is so often called) may hold  the future path of democracy, the fate of millions all over the world, and, ultimately, the fate of our planet in his hands.

The book is a compilation of blogs on Donald Trump over the past 2 years from Mind You, Reflections on Mental Illness, Mental Health and Life. The most popular has been the assessment of Trump's mental and emotional age arrived at from observations of his behaviour and his statements. Dawson came up with an average of 14. Though occasionally Trump's displays of sibling rivalry and his assessment of his own greatness are definitely pre-pubescent.

We become easily inured, desensitized. The outrageous and abnormal can be made to feel normal. A step at a time. The German government enacted something like 50 laws over a short historical period, starting with restricting Jews from Union Leadership.

Some of the political pundits on television comment regularly on the 'abnormal' becoming 'normal'. But the very presentation on TV contributes to the desensitization.

These blogs constitute Dawson's interpretation of the journey we are on with the Presidency of one Donald J. Trump as it is happening. As the Hamilton Spectator said "What he's produced, more than two years in, is a fascinating, insightful, often humorous, usually chilling plunge into the coral folds of the brain under that Cheeto-coloured scalp."

In his career, Dr Dawson has been psychiatrist in chief of the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital (now part of St Joseph's Health System) and a professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. He presently practices child and adolescent psychiatry. He is the author of academic books and mysteries as well as being a play write (notably MacBush, the musical). He is also an artist of note and co-owner of a Galley in Hamilton, Ontario.

Two Years of Trump on the Psychiatrist's Couch is published by Bridgeross Communications and distributed by Ingram. ISBN 978-1-927637-32-6

This is one of two compilations of blog posts from this popular blog. The other volume is Mind You: the Realities of Mental Illness by Dawson and writer/publisher, Marvin Ross. This volume is also distributed by Ingram and is available in E-book versions ISBN 978-1-927637-31-9


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