Lintronics Group are shaking up the financed consumer electronics market

By: Lintronics Group LTD
SHEFFIELD, U.K. - Feb. 25, 2019 - PRLog -- So we've come across a company called The Lintronics Group (website: and this is something we believe could be a game changer.

Have you ever wanted that new TV you saw last week on the adverts but you thought you would never be accepted for something like that?

Did you think that your only option was to go to another high street lender but they wanted to charge you 4 times the amount of what the retail price was?

The majority of us have experienced some financial difficulty in the past, whether it was down to being out of work, going through a breakup or something that was beyond your control. We all know that sometimes things do happen and then you work tirelessly to build yourself back up again. The company that The Lintronics Group has partnered with work very hard in the background to accept those very people who have had problems in the past but are working their way through them.

This is where the shake up occurs! We've been in touch with the Lintronics Group staff to find out why there proposition is different from anything we've seen before. They charge absolutely NO INTEREST on any of their products. Now for this to happen their pricing isn't exactly in line with the big retailers BUT they're not so far away either that you're being overcharged by £1000 for the same product.

Here's how it works:

You want to buy an XBOX One S for a birthday you have coming up but you experienced some problems 18 months ago. You can't go to the big high street retailers as they only accept perfect credit scores.

The High Street retailers price is £249

The Lintronics Group Price is £269

Now there's a difference of £20 between the two cash prices but The Lintronics Group will let you spread that over a period of up to 12 months with absolutely no interest.

Even with a perfect credit score, a product of that price, with a major retailer using interest bearing finance could cost you in excess of £300.

As you can see, this is a huge step forward from certain high street chains charging consumers interest rates of 44.9% right the way through to 99.9% APR.

They're still a fairly new company of whom which I am sure will grow over time. Their reviews are all very positive and I'm certain this will be a contender to watch.

Samantha Roebuck

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