Best Selling Author Launches The Elon Musk Method: Business Principles from the World's Most Powerful Entrepreneur

Business book author, Randy Kirk, found 17 major principles that Elon Musk applies to building companies like PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX that will inspire, motivate, and give help to owners, managers, and leaders in any field. Kirk is best known for his book that Inc. called a small business Bible, When Friday Isn't Payday, which was also recently released in its third edition. Both books are available on Amazon.
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The Elon Musk Method: by Randy Kirk now on Amazon
The Elon Musk Method: by Randy Kirk now on Amazon
RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Feb. 24, 2019 - PRLog -- Did Elon Musk ingest some potion, survive a major electrical event, or as many suspect, come from another planet? It is impossible to know for sure, but his string of inventions is outstripping mere mortals like Edison, Ford, Gates, and Jobs. Many forget that his second huge paycheck was from the sale of PayPal, which gave him the seed money to start SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla.

The amazing story of Elon Musk as he has risen to become the preeminent industrialist of the 21st Century forms the basis for a powerful new business book: The Elon Musk Method: Business Principles from the World's Most Powerful Entrepreneur. Written by best selling author Randy Kirk, the book was released on Amazon today, and can be found at

Kirk found 17 business methods or principles that Musk had perfected in his twenties that created an almost invincible set of tools for success in business. Kirk analyses each of these and then gives hard hitting, practical direction for how to use the ideas to improve the reader's chances to succeed in any endeavor.

While the book is aimed primarily at owners and those who hope to be, Kirk states: "Every VP, manager, or leader in any capacity will gain valuable lessons in how to improve passion, persistence, goal setting, and vision."

Kirk has plenty of his own small business experience with over 20 start-ups under his belt. His most recent venture helps businesses succeed through participation in mastermind groups under the brand While the company is regional for in-person meetings, Kirk has just launched an online effort to bring together entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Kirk continues: "Musk had a vision to make a difference in the world through using less fossil fuels, improving transportation, and even setting up human colonies on Mars. My vision isn't nearly as ambitious, but I have always been working to improve the incomes and lives of small business people. The new book and the mastermind meetings are just ways to achieve my vision."

Kirk is available for speaking opportunities.


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