New Study Identifies Drug to Regenerate Elderly Muscles

Proof-of-concept study suggests novel drug has potential to help aging adults become fitter, faster, stronger, and more active
HOUSTON - Feb. 18, 2019 - PRLog -- Ridgeline Therapeutics, a private biotechnology company, announced publication of a proof-of-concept study that demonstrates the ability of its drug candidate, RLT-72484, to reactivate muscle stem cells and regenerate skeletal muscle in aged animal models. These pivotal results suggest RLT-72484 might greatly improve muscle strength and function during aging, and thus be effective in treating hip fractures, reducing the incidence of falls, and reversing muscle degeneration and frailty in the elderly.

The study, published in Biochemical Pharmacology and conducted through collaboration with scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch, proved RLT-72484 could rejuvenate muscle stem cells that had become dysfunctional in aged animals. Aged mice with a muscle injury treated with RLT-72484 for seven days had greater numbers of stem cells actively repairing the injured muscle, compared to the control group. Moreover, RLT-72484 significantly increased muscle size, strength, and metabolic state in aging animals. Muscle fiber size increased 80 percent and muscle strength increased by 70 percent in the treated group, compared with the control group. Importantly, no adverse drug effects were observed in the treated animals.

Beginning around age 35, the human body increasingly loses the ability to repair and rebuild degenerating skeletal muscles. With age, muscle mass, strength, and function continually decline, leading to numerous chronic health problems. Loss of muscle strength and function can dramatically limit the ability of older adults to live fully active and independent lives.

This work is timely and needed, since adults over 60 are the fastest growing segment of the population in many countries. In the next decade, the U.S. elderly population will increase by 40 percent and their health care expenses are expected to double, accounting for over half of all U.S. health spending by 2028. Much of this spending will be used to treat health problems directly linked to muscle degeneration and decline.

"Currently, there are no treatments available to delay, prevent, or reverse age-related muscle degeneration," said Stan Watowich, Founder and CEO of Ridgeline Therapeutics. "These initial results support the continued development of RTL-72484 as a potential treatment to increase muscle strength and function in individuals over 60, thus helping them live more active and independent lives as they age."

The publication can be accessed at the following link:

About Ridgeline Therapeutics
Ridgeline Therapeutics is focused on developing first-in-class oral drugs to treat age-related muscle degeneration, obesity-linked diabetes, recurrent glioblastoma, and muscular dystrophies. Ridgeline is preparing clinical trials of RLT-72484 to test improvements in strength and physical function in the elderly, with the initial clinical indication being post-surgery hip fracture recovery. Prophylactic use of this drug is expected to significantly delay the onset and reduce the severity of sarcopenia, leading to greatly enriched lives for older adults. Additionally, Ridgeline is advancing oral drugs to improve blood sugar levels in obese individuals with diabetes or prediabetes, with an initial clinical indication targeting uncontrolled hyperglycemia in obese individuals.

Forward-Looking Statements
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Stan Watowich, CEO

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