America, Donald Trump is NOT the Problem! Our Nation was in Crisis Mode long before his Inauguration

Why our previous Leadership turned a Blinded eye to America's past and present Crises is a Mystery; however, we are at a Crossroads; we can deal with these issues as Americans, or continue our Childish and Immature Tantrums as part of the Problem
". . . we have become the sum of our fears . . ."
". . . we have become the sum of our fears . . ."
NORFOLK, Va. - Feb. 15, 2019 - PRLog -- This is a book about challenge ... and our ability as a nation to rise up to any and all that we are destined to face.

Moreover, it may just be that many of our past crises, as horrific as some were, have further prepared us for such a time as this in our nation's history.

We live in a world that is forever changing: a world that is so out of kilter from its original creation, that if we are to continue being the "symbol of freedom" that our forefathers envisioned, we must willingly turn from our erroneous ways and back to that which is "Good" and "Right"—individually and collectively.

Without this "moment of soul searching", all hope of a brighter future is lost.

In the mere 243 years since we became a nation, America has endured and persevered through many challenges; yet she has also successfully averted or resolved crisis after crisis.

America, land of the free and home of the brave, has stood as a beacon of hope and a symbol of prosperity for the world.

There is no limit to what we as a nation can achieve if our hearts and minds are set squarely on exacting a sound resolution to the perceived or conceived crises now before us.

This book is also about a nation in turmoil ... a nation struggling to maintain an identity representative of its diverse and heterogeneous population.

Many a critic would argue that such diversity cannot, and will not be sustained without etching away at the very rights our civil government has sworn to protect and preserve.

America is now heading into a period of sustained chaos that will rival its historically sustained progress ... unless there is a reawakening and rush to embrace the core principles and beliefs from which the nation's renowned greatness comes.

Yet, despite our many woes, this book offers hope.

The Prophet Isaiah would record in Chapter 1 of his Book, Verses 5 and 6, "Why should you be stricken and punished again [since no change results from it]? You [only] continue to rebel. The whole head is sick, and the whole heart is faint and sick.

From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is nothing healthy in the nation's body, only bruises, welts, and raw wounds, not pressed out or bandaged, nor softened with oil [as a remedy]"
(Amplified Bible).

A healing of the heart, mind, soul and body is needed in our land: yet a healing that begins in the heart, and then flows outward.

Then and only then will we recognize and fully appreciate the inherent value and worth that God sees in each individual that He has created; His highest creation; a people with unalienable rights that cannot be surrendered or denied.

A resounding universal cry is resonating throughout the land:

"We will defend a common standard of justice for all, and we will again assert liberty, freedom, and equality as hallmark principles of the people, by the people and for the people".

In these times of crisis, America must return to its roots—one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all ... once and for all.

America remains the greatest nation in the history of the world ... founded on the belief that God, not man, endows and bestows upon all in equal measure, an incomparable value, which, if recognized to its fullest, quells the rashness of incivility and hatred of humanity toward humanity, and replaces it with a mantra of peaceful rectitude ... a prescription for hope to a nation in crisis.

Title: America In Crisis

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About the Author:

Langston, a retired naval officer, faithfully served his country for 27 years before writing the final chapter of his career in 2003.

Langston is the founder of two popular social media sites on Twitter, @joybells49 and Facebook,

His work across these multiple disciplines broadly addresses and defines narratives of our human experiences.

James and his wife Cecilia have been married for almost 40 years.

They have six children and fifteen grandchildren.

Contact Information:

James Langston/Senior Pastor, Pilgrim Outreach Ministries International

Location:Norfolk - Virginia - United States
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