G&D Media Releases Brand New Hardcover "The Science of Influence" from Bestselling Author Brian Tracy

Improve Your Lives, Achieve Success and Wealth, Master Timeless Strategies from a Personal Development Master
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The Science of Influence
The Science of Influence
NEW YORK - Feb. 13, 2019 - PRLog -- G&D Media announces the release of a new hardcover by bestselling author Brian Tracy, The Science of Influence: How to Inspire Yourself and Others to Greatness, part of G&D Media's "Conversation with Great Thinkers" series. G&D is also releasing two new Tracy trade paperbacks – The Science of Money and The Science of Motivation. Personal development industry veteran Dan Strutzel is co-writer, and interviews Brian for these three original titles.

"In this new book series, we have Brian Tracy as we've never quite read him before," said G&D Media CEO Gilles Dana. "Through a real-life conversation with this great mind, readers will gain new, deeper access to Brian's thought process than previously available – he's more informal, yet as always, relentlessly informative about the timeless business and personal skills you need to improve your lives."

In The Science of Influence, you will:
  • EXPERIENCE Brian Tracy "up close" as never printed before – in a new conversational style – as he intimately discusses his timeless business and personal advice with you!
  • LEARN the skills of influence to produce incredible results—happier personal relationships, more sales, more profitable partnerships, and an increased ability to hold yourself to commitments that are important to you.
  • ABSORB the best ideas, strategies, and techniques about influence that Brian has developed in over 40 years in the self-development industry.
  • DISCOVER that there truly is a science to influence—and that it's been tested and proven again and again over millennia.
  • GATHER ideas on how to be more influential with others and move these ideas from theory to fact.
  • ELIMINATE the myths and half-formed theories that are holding you back.
  • BECOME more influential in your own life, and in the lives of those you care about.
How would you like to make sure you're the #1 influence in your child's life? How would you like to convince your community to elect you to public office? How would you like to lead your office in sales month after month? You'll learn how to achieve these results in this cutting-edge book.

The Science of Money: How to Increase Your Income and Become Wealthy

The subject of money remains one of the most fascinating, thought provoking, emotional, polarizing and well-researched subjects in the world. Many books, articles, blog posts, and speeches have been written on what money is, how to earn it, how to spend it, who has it or not, and a myriad of other topics related to the effects that it produces. Despite the constant focus and interest on the topic, there is one word that describes the average person's views around money: confusion.

Let Brian "tell" you:
  • How to increase your wealth and become wealthy.
  • The laws of money that have been proven and can be relied upon – and the myths of money!
  • The "Science of Money"— tested and proven not just for years, but for millennia.
  • How to study and apply these ideas to your life and your business, you too, can become financially successful.
  • All of this – in a conversation with Brian Tracy himself!
The Science of Motivation: Strategies and Techniques for Turning Dreams into Destiny

Legendary college football coach and analyst, Lou Holtz, once said: "When all is said and done, more is said than done." These few, yet extremely profound words explain one of the biggest predicaments that individuals face today. Many of us say we want to be successful, happy and influential. Yet, very few of us follow up what we say—whether said to others or ourselves—with specific actions that move us directly toward those goals. The idea of being successful is an attractive dream that fills us with positive emotions. However, the actions required to be successful (at work, in our relationships, in sports competition, etc.) are often difficult and lengthy.

Now in this book, you will learn:
  • How to bridge the gap between what we say we want, and what we must do to achieve it.
  • To achieve goal-oriented motivation, the fuel that takes us across the long and often uncertain bridge to our desired destination in life.
  • How to develop this kind of motivation on-demand, sustain it through the difficult periods of life, and instill it so intricately into your daily life that you make the very idea of motivation unnecessary.
All of that and more is available to you in this conversation with personal development expert and motivation master, Brian Tracy. HEAR – as Brian "opens up" to YOU!

About the Authors:

is chairman and chief executive officer of Brian Tracy International, specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. A bestselling author, Brian has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 70 other countries worldwide. He is the author of 24 books and over 300 audio and video programs.

DAN STRUTZEL is president of Inspire Productions, a former executive vice president of publishing at Nightingale-Conant Corporation, and a 25-year veteran of the personal development industry.

G&D Media's Conversations with Great Thinkers Series:

Now Available!

The Science of Influence:  Purchase today!

The Science of Money  Purchase today!
  • Trade paperback ISBN 9781722510039
  • eBook ISBN 9781722520045
The Science of Motivation:   Purchase today!
  • Trade paperback ISBN 9781722510046
  • eBook ISBN 9781722520052
These books are available at all fine book retailers and online. For the eBook and digital versions, visit Apple (iBook or iTunes), Google Play and all the major digital platforms.

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Pre-order Brian Tracy's next G&D title, The Science of Entrepreneurship, scheduled for Fall 2019 release - today!


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