Reporters From Washington Post Tried To Get Dirt On Matt Whitaker Through Marshall Barnes

Internationally noted R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes was contacted by a reporter from the Washington Post looking for information related to Matt Whittaker and World Patent Marketing. He knew Marshall had filed a report against the Miami firm.
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Official Photo of Matthew Whitaker, acting U.S. Attorney General
Official Photo of Matthew Whitaker, acting U.S. Attorney General
WASHINGTON - Feb. 11, 2019 - PRLog -- Reporters from the Washington Post twice attempted to get "dirt" on acting Attorney General of the United States,
Matthew Whitaker, from researcher and R&D engineer Marshall Barnes, due to conflicts he had with World Patent Marketing, the patent promotion firm that's been shuttered by the Federal Trade Commission for which Whitaker was both an advisory board member and an attorney. Whitaker is back in the news, since the Washington Post made those inquiries, due to his latest testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee, including questions from members regarding Whitaker's failure to repay over $9,000 as requested by the receiver for the World Patent Marketing settlement. The money is due to be returned to victims of the company's fraud.

"The interesting thing is most people only know part of the World Patent Marketing scandal and so far the media, including the reporters I talked to at the Washington Post, had no interest in Scott J. Cooper and the expansion of his fraud scheme," Marshall stated Saturday."Even more bizarre is Britanny Shammas, the reporter for the Miami New Times, as well as her editor there, knew all about it and chose to cover it up in their coverage of the story. In fact, it was not only covered-up but there was at least two lies they put in print about it. They wouldn't even have done the story if I hadn't told them about it."

Marshall revealed the plans of the Washington Post to get more dirt on acting
U.S. Attorney General Matt Whittaker, when he appeared on the Lorien Fenton show last month. as well as new developments in his war with professor Ronald Mallett, also involved with World Patent Marketing.

"In November I contacted Carol Leonnig, one of three reporters credited for a story on Whitaker and the World Patent Marketing connection, my purpose being to convey what the media didn't know of the story. The massive billion dollar fraud scheme Scott Cooper was planning on doing with Ronald Mallett, the University of Connecticut physicist who has been running a scam about his time travel research on an international level. However, Leonnig was only interested in what I knew about Whitaker, which was nothing besides emails in relation to disgruntled customers, which included various threats of legal action, and that I once called his office, before all that happened, to determine if in fact he was an advisory board member."

Marshall explains he could tell Cooper was operating World Patent Marketing like a front, and the advisory board was just a tool to convince potential customers of the firm's legitimacy and influence. However, Cooper's alliance with Mallett, and over the top claims about what they were going to do together, more than convinced him Cooper was a con man getting conned by a con man. That assessment was validated when, under oath during a FTC deposition, Cooper stated, "What did you think? That we were going to build a time machine? We were going to make money off of the spin-off technologies!"

That statement, told to Marshall by FTC attorney, James Evans, reveals that Cooper violated Florida law with Mallett's cooperation, because their promotional fund raising video specifically cited Mallett and his work would be the basis for raising money for time travel R&D.

"The problem is there would be no spin-off technologies because the root technology, the LOTART design from Mallett, is wrong, flawed and would fail six ways to Sunday. Cooper isn't an advanced technology guy and actually, neither is Mallett and I've analyzed Mallett's deisigns and there's literally nothing, there-there, as they say."

Then on December 21, Marshall's office was contacted by email by Shawn Boburg of the Washington Post, also looking for dirt on Whitaker.

"I'm a reporter at The Washington Post," it begins. "I'm writing because I've been doing some research into World Patent Marketing and I came across a compalint you filed with the Florida Attorney General's Office..."

Marshall called Boburg back after the holidays and told him everything he knew about Whitaker, which wasn't much but, what was key was how Marshall avoided any conflict with Whitaker while prosecuting his war with Mallett and Cooper.

"I saw the basis for the legal threats and all, and I decided to avoid directly accusing them of fraud, knowing full well they would publicly break the law and then I should strike, and I did. That's what the filing with the Florida AG was about, and subsequently sent to the FTC. And that's what Miami New Times covered-up - effectively allowing Mallett to continue his fraudulent activities with no opposition except from me."

Marshall says he treats his conflict with Mallett and his allies like a war and in war you must choose your battles wisely. Getting into an extraneous fight with Whitaker at WPM wouldn't have been the right strategy.

"Even without the FTC intervention, I would've eventually destroyed them because I knew that they had nothing - that it was all vacuous. In fact, I had already begun that campaign as I waited for them to violate the law (see ) That's why I was ready as soon as I saw they'd broken the law, to get that report against them filed. That would have been the beginning of the end for them, any way

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