Social Worker Creates Audio Programs to Transform Negative Self Talk Now Available Worldwide

The quickest way to boost your confidence and change how you feel is to change how you speak.
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LOS ANGELES - April 10, 2019 - PRLog -- Behavioral Coach and Social Worker Nikole Seals launches an online library of innovative audio programs to help women transform their negative self talk and rewire their brain for success.

Personal development is a 9 billion-dollar industry. Which makes you wonder—if we're spending billions learning how to improve our lives, why do so many women feel stuck and insecure? Drawing on her twenty years of experience in the field of mental health; Seals suggest two reasons why many personal development products and services don't work.

"The coaching industry is profitable and unregulated which means just about anyone can become a coach. A coach's lack of training and experience often shows up in the form of books and programs filled with cliché advice and nicely packaged common sense. Great for people seeking inspiration, but ineffective when it comes to helping people achieve real change," says Seals.

The most notable reason people don't get the results they want, according to Seals, is because most self-help products and services don't teach people how to overcome the greatest barrier to change—their thoughts.

Having worked with trauma survivors and clients in crisis, Seals has learned that people's behaviors and emotions are driven by their beliefs and internal dialogue. "Our lives have become more stressful and we're constantly comparing ourselves to others which creates a tremendous amount of insecurity and has a profound impact on how we speak to ourselves," explained Seals, "These insecure thoughts are more commonly known as negative self-talk and we all do it."

With more women seeking help online, Seals recognized the need to provide an affordable alternative to her private coaching that was both mobile and effective. By combining learning strategies and re-framing techniques with innovative digital technology; Nikole has extended her ability to help women worldwide. "I specifically designed these self-talk programs for women with busy lives, who need simple, flexible programs that can be easily integrated into their daily routine," says Seals.

Visitors to can instantly download audio programs and digital flashcards. Each is designed to teach women how to transform their negative self talk into powerful directives to rewire their brain. "My goal is for women to discover the power of their thoughts and words," Seals exclaims, "It feels amazing to see my clients transform into confident, emotionally resilient women who can manage whatever the world throws at them!"


About My Inner Therapist

Nikole Seals is the host of the popular podcast My Inner Therapist. Visit to access audio programs, online courses, self help guides or to learn more about private coaching sessions.


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