Real Estate Specialists Thailand Celebrate 5 years of Growth

R.E.S.T. has recently celebrated their 5th anniversary in Pattaya Thailand by expanding growth into new markets and Business sectors within Southeast Asia.
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pattaya bay
pattaya bay
PATTAYA, Thailand - Feb. 5, 2019 - PRLog -- Whilst there seems to be many Real Estate Agents in Thailand catering to the expatriate market, few make it past the 5 year mark, it seems a lot more hard work than most new Expats anticipate. So it remarkable when an agent passes the 15 year mark and we went to find out what it takes to make it on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand as a reputable property agent.

We met up with Director Mr. Barry Hayles at the exclusive Holiday Inn in Pattaya and he told us:

"Due to our success Real Estate specialists Thailand Co. Ltd are expanding into other regions of Thailand we have secured office space in the Chang Mai region of Thailand, we are currently looking at Bangkok and Phuket for future expansion. With one of our partners /investors relocating from the UK to Malaysia we are also looking at options for a branch in Kuala Lumpur.

Our reason for expanding is due to our success acting as a property broker in Pattaya and Jomtien overseeing some major land sales between buyers and sellers also in the general re-sales of Pattaya Real Estate, another reason is the exciting news of the merging of Real Estate Specialists Thailand with Net media and Biz-find Thailand.

Not only have we survived the Global down turn of the last few years regarding property sales in Asia, we have prospered with 2018 surpassing our initial goals set out for 2018 with land sale increasing dramatically

The work ethics of our Team is what has carried us forward with emphasis on customer relation building and keeping ahead of the other Pattaya Real Estate Agents, a website with a data base of over 2000 properties that has fresh content which is updated daily.

Real Estate Specialists Thailand merged with the on-line marketing company Net media- Biz-find who have been long time friends, now we are joining in business to take our companies to the next level and enhance each other's customer appeal.

After an initial meeting earlier December 2018, with our investors and Partners of the companies, it was clear that we are all moving in the same direction with customer relationships top of all our agendas,

January 15th 2019 all details finalized between the relevant parties with all putting pen to paper with a deep sense of expectancy and togetherness that will drive our companies forward."

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