Movies to Reveal Exploits of Real-Life Master Spy

Tad Atkinson, production company VP, set to bring 50+ years of clandestine adventure to the screen
By: Cuban Lightning Enterprises
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The quote, the book, the upcoming movie - all real!
The quote, the book, the upcoming movie - all real!
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Jan. 26, 2019 - PRLog -- During the past fifty-plus years, International master spy Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol literally changed the course of history. This larger-than-life legend's career is being immortalized in both a ground-breaking book series and an upcoming series of major big-budget feature films.

Distinguished, charismatic, and exuding experience and an understanding way beyond our expectations, Dr. Marmol took us into his confidence and shared the following: "Conspiracy theories pale in comparison to the reality of major events that have taken place during the past fifty years. I know; I was there."

Looking into his eyes, there was no doubt of his sincerity. We were inches away from a truly amazing and captivating master spy. "I am now able to reveal the secrets, the lies, the truth," he continued with a cautious twinkle in his eye, a slight smile on his face, and an unquestionable deadly seriousness. "You will be astonished to experience, through my eyes, truth that you could never imagine. Reality versus what people believe is very far removed indeed!"

Dr. Marmol smiled quickly tilting his head toward Tad Atkinson, producer and Vice President of Cuban Lightning Enterprises. "Talk to my associate now," he suggested, again with a fascinating hint of a smile.

Tad Atkinson, a gifted professional actor himself, jumped right in. "Dr Marmol is very good at his job – and he's been doing it for over fifty years." Anticipating our next question, Tad continued. "We're doing a trilogy, a series of three $50 million feature films that tell Dr. Marmol's fascinating life as a master spy. We are in active development on the first film, "Cuban Lightning: The Zipper."

When you read the Cuban Lightning books, you'll discover astonishing historical secrets and truths that contradict "published history cover stories." The movies promise to reveal lots more. "Dr. Marmol is very loyal," Mr. Atkinson tells us. "He waited until many of the players passed on before he revealed the stories that could have put their lives at risk."

"We have several major name stars set and we are really impressed with several of the younger actors,"
Mr. Atkinson revealed. "Jassen Charron, for example – what an extraordinarily talented actor! Suffice it to say we are very excited!"

Dr. Marmol's books are available at


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