Lynese Lawson, D.O., Medical Director of Proactive Wellness Centers, achieves IFM Certification for the Bredesen Reversing Cognitive Decline Program

Dr. Lawson is now an approved ReCODE practitioner for the Bredesen Program and may be selected by patients that are experiencing or want to prevent Alzheimer's/Cognitive Decline by leveraging the most researched treatment paradigm for stopping and reversing cognitive decline. The world renowned Dr. Dale E. Bredesen has created the ReCODE protocol that leverages multiple interventions to address specific health issues that contribute to Alzheimer's and related diseases of cognitive decline.
TYSONS CORNER, Va. - Feb. 20, 2019 - PRLog -- For perspective, according to the CDC, Alzheimer's disease (AD) is present in 50% of patients in nursing homes, causes more than 110,000 deaths in the US per year and was the 6th leading cause of death overall based on 2015 data. AD affects over 5 million people in the US alone.

Conventional medical strategies offer little to no help for patients suffering from this disease that was thought to be irreversible.  But after years of research, the world renowned Dr. Dale E. Bredesen has created the ReCODE (Reversal of Cognitive Decline) protocol that leverages advanced functional medicine strategies to address specific health issues that contribute to Alzheimer's Disease (AD), dementia and related diseases of cognitive decline.

Proactive Wellness Centers, founded in 2006 by Lynese L Lawson, D.O. ABAARM, IFMCP has been treating patients using a functional medicine approach since its beginnings in 2006 due to Dr. Lawson's passion to get to the root cause of illness rather than treating symptoms.  Today, the practice treats patients in three primary areas: 1) Wellness/prevention and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, 2) Chronic illness including Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)/Mold illness, Lyme Disease, chronic infections and parasitic infections, and 3) Reversing Cognitive Decline from diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Bredesen protocol is not only well-researched but Dr. Bredesen has brought forward case studies of hundreds of real patients to validate the ability of the protocol to stop and reverse cognitive decline.  Dr. Lawson says "The Bredesen protocol leverages everything I have learned and done in my 13 years of practice because it recognizes that Alzheimer's and cognitive decline are closely associated with a number of other imbalances and preceding illnesses including insulin resistance, CIRS/mold illness from water damaged buildings, inflammation, underlying infections, chemical and metal toxicity and hormone imbalance."  In fact, the Bredesen requires optimizing 45 markers of imbalance and disease.  Through the Bredesen protocol optimization process, Dr. Bredesen has been able to bring forth conclusive evidence of reversal of cognitive decline through before and after cognitive testing.

Individuals in their 60's and their loved ones should definitely read Dr. Dale E. Bredesen's New York Times Bestseller, "The End of Alzheimer's" especially if you have any of the key risk factors or even present evidence of cognitive decline.  The book provides details of many of the key risk factors and how to determine your baseline, "Cognoscopy" as he calls it and how to effect the "ReCODE" (Reversing Cognitive Decline) process using fundamental interventions of functional medicine armed with his well-researched optimal values for 45-50 critical markers.  The book describes how he deconstructs Alzheimer's into multiple types based on root causes.

At Proactive Wellness, we are excited to offer this diagnosis and treatment protocol to patients in and around the Washington DC metropolitan area and through our telemedicine offering, we can reach patients that are out of the region as well.  If you have even one copy of ApoE4 allele, or have a biological parent who developed AD, your risk is higher.  There are several other lifestyle factors that increase risk as well.  If you are concerned, now is the time to get assessed.    We are a leading-edge medical practice that focuses on helping each and every patient achieve their health goals through our personalized-precision-medicine approach.

Interested persons should review our thoughts and execution of the Bredesen protocol on our website at

We are appreciative of the work that Dr. Bredesen has done and we are pleased to be a part of this movement that is bringing real hope for people with this dreaded disease, real hope for a new paradigm in healthcare,  Subscribe to our blogs or follow us on social media at

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