MTB Entertainment Will Internationally Distribute Four New Marcus Christ Single Songs For Purchase

MTB Entertainment has just announced it plans to release four new single songs for purchase from their artist Marcus Christ.
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Prince of the Universe Cover
Prince of the Universe Cover
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Jan. 19, 2019 - PRLog -- MTB Entertainment's owner Marcus Todd Brooks has just announced plans to globally distribute four new single songs from Marcus Christ for the upcoming "Prince of the Universe" album. The four new songs titled, "Black Bag", "You Saved Me", "I Don't Care", and "I'm Gangsta" will be available for sale before February. Marcus Christ' singles have been long awaited since his last arrest in May 2018 for vandalism. Marcus Christ will address a host of topics, and is hoping these few singles will show his company as a serious competitor. MTB Entertainment has been known to produce their own music and sound, but out of these four new songs only one is produced by Marcus Christ (I'm Gangsta). The other songs were produced by Shadowville Productions as Marcus' long time producers.

Marcus Christ said, "Hopefully, the distribution of these new songs will help stimulate the economy. If you can't work you're not going to buy a CD. So, I can't really enjoy writing and performing until we're all are good. I hope people can remain patient, because great change can take some time. I didn't come back to the streets to commit a crime, but I do want others to analyze the situation on the street. Secondly, I want the streets to have a taste of the good life, maybe even a full dinner. These songs are made to not only let my fans know what has been going on, but I also want to expose them to some inner city issues I've seen. This can all be done subconsciously through music."

The four new tracks cover a multitude of genres. Marcus Christ' "You Saved Me" sounds like country song with an acoustic guitar. Marcus' song "I Don't Care" is a club or party song that expects to do well in the dance halls. The song "Black Bag" has a laid back cadence, and groovy beat. The new song "I'm Gangsta" is an unofficial street anthem song. Many people are eagerly awaiting Marcus' return to the music industry, lyrically and musically.

Marcus Christ is controversial for many things, but lately his religious and/or political beliefs have been at the forefront of modern day politics. Marcus Christ claims to have the right to believe he is a god (by definition). His legal arguments in court have claimed his divine jurisdiction is above federal jurisdiction. This return to music was highly unlikely after his arrest, but many critics claim Marcus Christ is a prodigy we'll keep hearing from.

New Song "Black Bag":

Marcus Christ:


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