Mom and Small Business Owner Sharifah Hardie: Government shutdown is "bullshit!"

Washington fights imaginary war as American people suffer and are consumed with fears of another recession looming on the horizon.
Sharifah Hardie
Sharifah Hardie
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 17, 2019 - PRLog -- America is nearly a month into Government Shutdown 2019, with both the Republicans and Democrats still fighting over a wall, or is it a fence? The American people don't know what to call it, but what they do know is that the wall, or drug lords, for that matter are not their primary concern. Their primary concern is being able to pay their bills, feed their children and get back to what many literally climb walls, jump fences and dig tunnels to be able to live; The American Dream.

A recent issue of the Wall Street Journal reports, "The possibility of a global recession ranks as the top concern on the minds of corporate leaders as they head into 2019, according to a new survey of chief executives from the Conference Board, a business research group."

The article continues, "Given that CEOs sensed the possibility of recession before the markets' recent decline, much of their sentiment stems from other challenges that ranked high on their list of external concerns, said Bart van Ark, the Conference Board's chief economist. After recession, the top four risks were threats to global trade systems, global political instability, new competitors and declining trust in political and policy institutions."

"I am a Mom, a tax paying citizen, born and raised right here in the good ole' U. S. of A." said small business owner Sharifah Hardie. "This government shutdown is bullshit. I live in Southern California I have been to the border. Does anyone in Washington honestly believe that "We The People" are over here losing sleep over who is coming across the border? Well, Mr. President, I assure you we are not."

Sharifah Hardie continues, "I have been laid off over 8 times since 2001, have gone hungry and been homeless. As a small business owner I have seen my customers, clients, and sales dwindle to barely nothing. I have friends with Bachelors and Masters Degrees who are unable to find employment, forced to work retail low-wage jobs just to almost pay the rent, all while Washington fights an imaginary war. We don't care who has to lose face, eat their words or give in, #ReopenTheGovernment and get back to fixing America's real problems!"

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