Dr William Matzner publishes information article about the issue of hypertension

According to the American Heart Association, in the United States, about 77.9 million (1 out of every 3) adults have high blood pressure, notes William Matzner, MD in his article.
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Blog of William L Matzner MD
Blog of William L Matzner MD
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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - Jan. 15, 2019 - PRLog -- Medical doctor and researcher Dr. William Lee Matzner published a new article on the pervasive health issue of hypertension. According to the American Heart Association, in the United States, about 77.9 million adults (essentially a third of the adult population) have high blood pressure. The complete article is available on the Blog of William Matzner, MD  at https://drwilliammatzner.blogspot.com

As per the medical records, hypertension exists when the pressure of the blood is higher than 130 over 80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Solely in the USA, there are about 85 million people that suffer from high blood pressure. In short, hypertension is a global health concern. Moreover, as per the WHO (World Health Organization), it is due to the growth of the processed food industry due to which the amount of salt people consume has increased worldwide. And well, salt plays a huge role in hypertension. When the cause of the disease is not due to another disease, it is called essential or primary hypertension. In case it is caused due to another disease, it is called secondary hypertension.

There are a lot of risk factors that usually increase the chances for a person to have hypertension as mentioned below:
• Gender: The risk of getting hypertension is the same for both males and females. But the risks are higher for men at a much younger age. The predominance usually is greater in older women.
• Alcohol and tobacco use: A person who drinks or smokes regularly has a higher risk of getting hypertension.
• Size and weight: Being obese or overweight is also a main reason.
• Ethnicity: A few ethnic groups are usually more likely to get hypertension.
• Age: It is common for people who reach the age of 60 to suffer from hypertension. This is because, with age, the blood pressure regularly increases since the arteries become narrower and stiffer due to plaque build-up.

Other things that can cause hypertension are certain diseases and medications, low potassium in the diet, and a salt-rich diet associated with fatty and processed foods. In case there is a family history for poorly managed stress and high blood pressure, then also the person from this family is more likely to suffer from hypertension sometime in the future.

When a person is suffering from hypertension, they would not be able to notice any symptoms. This is also a reason why hypertension is also called the "silent killer." Moreover, if it is not detected, it could damage the internal organs like the kidneys and the cardiovascular system. This makes it vital to check the blood pressure of your body regularly to stay safe from the disease.

Although there are a few cases where the person having hypertension suffers from blushing, sleeping issues, anxiety, and sweating, there are many cases where no symptoms are noticed. If the blood pressure gets to the stage where there is a hypertensive crisis, the person's nose would bleed and he/she would experience a lot of headaches.

Finally, Dr. William Matzner notes that patients need to manage unavoidable stress. Consuming alcohol or smoking would add to the stress and not reduce it. Hence, all unhealthy habits should be avoided.

About William Lee Matzner, M.D., PhD, FACP

Dr. William Matzner works in the area of healthcare economics consulting at Healthcare Analytics, LLC, in California. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University. He received his M.D. with Honors from Baylor College of Medicine. In 1988, he was the Solomon Scholar for Resident Research at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

Website: https://drwilliammatzner.com
Consulting Website: https://healthcareanalytics.biz

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