Marcus Christ Released From Jail After Pleading NO CONTEST! Label Pushes Album Back...Again!

Marcus Todd Brooks owner of MTB Entertainment and the solo artist of his label known as the musical prodigy pushes back his highly anticipated album once more to a soft release date in April.
Prince of the Universe Album Cover
Prince of the Universe Album Cover
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Jan. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- "MTB Entertainment is going to release the highly anticipated album "Prince of the Universe" on April 7th, 2019 to give their newly released artist time to focus on new music in a professional studio environment. Most of the videos featuring Marcus Christ' songs and movie video clips were recorded on a cellphone. The project was originally slated for December 7th 2018, but was pushed back since the arrest of Marcus Christ in May 2018. Marcus Christ maintains his legal argument demanding he is not guilty of the accused crime, but the no contest pleas allows him to skip trial and focus on his music career. MTB Entertainment plans to arrange more interviews, songs, and blogs for Marcus Christ soon!

In January of 2018 MTB Entertainment admitted they owned an intelligence subsidiary (MTB Intelligence) to protect their artist and owner. MTB performed a hostile takeover of the commercial mercenary group in January called S.P.E.C.T.R.E (SPecial Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), and acquired the military corporation after his own "life-contract" was deemed non-executable due to his physical immortal nature. Spectre is notoriously known for executing child star voice actress "Judith Barsi" for a breach of a contract int he 1980's. Mr. Brooks has taken over this necessary evil to install a honor code that does not allow children to die for contracts their parents fail to fulfill based on Divine Law. (Deut 24:16)
Marcus Christ also claims that he owns the Federal Reserve since it can only be backed by natural resources like gold (a product of God) or faith (a service of God called religion). All monies must be backed by something substantial such as Gods' products and/or services (gold/faith), and all monies are earned by the selling of products or services. During this jail stay Mr. Brooks was exposed to biological and chemical agents were used on him illegally violating the Geneva Convention treaty, and this was NOT the first time.

The following is a excerpt from a opening statement that MTB Entertainment lawyers agreed to move forward with...
 Mr. Brooks is a God by definition. A "god" is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as a being with supernatural powers/attributes (Immortal), worshiped by a people (Christians), and usually male since female gods are termed goddesses. Mr. Brooks D.O.J (Department of Justice) and LA County Probation moniker is "Jesus Christ" in his legal discovery. Mr. Brooks' last name (BROOKS) is referenced in Isaiah 33:21 and 1 John 5:6. Furthermore, Mr. Brooks matches the physical description of Jesus (Lord God) including tattoos or identifying marks which are included in his legal discoveries. Lastly, Mr. Brooks has a "Divine Birth" since his birth name Marcus refers to the roman God of War named Mars, and his birth date correlates with Aries the (Ram/Lamb of God). April 7th, is also believed to be the birth date of Buddha by some Buddhists. If something is proven true then it's not argumentative, and any argumentative objection is purely speculation. If something is PROVEN true you cannot prove it is not true. Signs are not to be considered delusional since it's proven, and therefore factual. If someone sees a UFO, and then produces a picture or movie/clip then they are not delusional since it's factual. A person that believes in something without any proof is more delusional than someone with physical evidence.

Sometimes the State is wrong. Sometimes, States Laws are ruled unconstitutional and therefore wrong. Court or trial is not about winning or losing, court or trial is about rights and wrongs. Mr. Brooks has the right to SAY he is God, and to take away that right form him or any other citizen is wrong. Mr. Brooks has the right to BELIEVE he is God, and to take away that right from him or any other American is wrong. Mr. Brooks also has the ability to prove he is God in court. Because, in court it's not what you SAY, it's not what you KNOW, it's what you can prove! So if you want to say you're "God" go to CNN for a listening ear. If you want to believe you're God tell a priest, but if you want to prove it, then court is the place for you my friend. If you want to prove you are god in court then you are in the right, and not wrong. We are not in court today to win a frivolous case, but I am in court to prove I was right , and not wrong regardless of this lower court decision. I was never committing any act of vandalism, but I was performing a lawful investigation into possible police misconduct when I was arrested by an LA County deputy after informing him he did not have jurisdiction to make an lawful arrest. Jurisdiction is defined as "legal boundaries" not force. If the force is not legal then it is a crime. Rape involves force and it is a crime, not authority. Robbery involves force and it is a crime, not authority. And, false arrest is a crime that involved force and it is absolutely wrong, and never right. LA County deputies have jurisdiction in LA County not in other jurisdictions like Orange and San Diego counties. They also do not have jurisdiction in higher jurisdictions such as State, Federal, or Mr. Brooks' divine jurisdiction.

His Divine Majesty,
Lord God

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