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Ocinator announces publication of diet book for eating at the 100 most popular u.s. Chain restaurants
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The Ocinator Restaurant Diet 1,000 Healthy Menu It
The Ocinator Restaurant Diet 1,000 Healthy Menu It
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 2, 2019 - PRLog -- Busy and want something quick to eat? Traveling? Don't like to cook? Or just love eating out?The Ocinator Restaurant Diet: 1,000+ Healthy Menu Items lists exactly how to order over 1,000 menu options from 100 of the most popular chain restaurants in the U.S. Some of these items are healthy as-is, and others need simple healthy tweaks. Carry this book with you to help you choose a restaurant, order, and eat out healthily. There's no need to eliminate carbs, starve yourself, avoid good proteins, have a rigorous meal plan, or count calories. You can have the strength, energy, and positivity provided by delicious healthy food and be fit!

The latest medical research shows that losing weight is as simple as not eating products with added sugar and refined grain. We also need lots of vegetables. It's common sense that a calorie is not just a calorie. We should be eating lots of good calories and few bad calories! For example, eating 500 calories of vegetables is much healthier than eating 100 calories of a donut. This book is intended to help you enjoy eating out at the most popular U.S. chain restaurants. And the food recommendations within will help you look and feel as fit and fantastic as you deserve to be. You may purchase your paperback or eBook copy of The Ocinator Restaurant Dieton

About the Author:

Nico Chavando is the founder of and the Ocinator Fitness Program. He obtained his Product Design Degree from Stanford University. There, he experimented with different approaches to being fit and healthy long-term.

Nico used his background in Design Thinking to identify a problem affecting 40% of the population, obesity and obesity-related diseases, and to offer an attainable, easy solution. While trendy diets and workout programs grow in popularity, the obesity rate is not decreasing. In fact, obesity- related conditions like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer continue to be some of the leading causes of preventable premature death.

Nico found that many current diets make people think that eating healthily involves counting calories, limiting food consumption, complicated meal preparation, avoiding good protein sources, and/or eliminating carbs. Unfortunately, these common misconceptions about healthy eating lead some to adopt unrealistic and possibly harmful diets. These painful diets rely on dramatic changes of habits and often cause constant feelings of hunger, decreased mental sharpness, and negative changes in mood including crankiness, hostility, and depression.

1 in 3 Americans eats out on any given day, either for work or social reasons, because we are busy, do not like to cook, or just because we prefer eating out! Many of us are concerned with our weight and overall health and would like to eat healthy foods at restaurants, but end up ordering unhealthy menu items. This is because we either do not know how to modify restaurant orders to make them healthy, or because tweaking orders is a hassle to think about when we are in a rush.

Helping restaurant-goers eat a sound meal is a need that was largely unmet by diet books… until now.

We need a quick and easy guide to help us eat in a healthy way and feel good without becoming chefs. So, Nico created The Ocinator Restaurant Diet. With over 1,000 healthy menu options, this book helps busy folks like you to eat on the go, healthily, and without the pain that many other diets produce. It is an ongoing solution to promote long-term health.

The Ocinator Restaurant Diet has helped many people of all ages eat healthily every day and be amazed at the results. You can have the strength, energy, and positivity provided by delicious, healthy food and be fit! Nico hopes this guide will help you and many more feel great long-term too.

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