Onlive Server Launched Fully Managed Server Hosting at Cheapest Cost

Proper knowledge of cheap server hosting can facilitate your decision-making procedure especially if you are in the look out of the right option for supporting your high traffic business website.
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Cheap VPS Linux Server Hosting
Cheap VPS Linux Server Hosting
GHAZIABAD, India - Jan. 2, 2019 - PRLog -- he main objective served by a business website is attracting visitors. The number of online visitors hitting a site any time of the day or the night is collectively called website traffic. For the owners of businesses with their respective websites boasting of huge traffic, it is important to go for a powerful server hosting solution and an efficient hosting plan like Linux-based Cheap VPS Hosting.  Such plans are also sought after by the sites that are specifically designed for attracting huge visitor traffic.

Cheap Linux VPS hosting is considered better than Windows VPS Server mainly because it facilitates top quality control provided it is supported with a Linux operating system. Here, it is important to note that a virtual private server with a Linux operating system mainly denotes a server that makes use of a standalone physical server in the form of its host. The virtual private server also leverages the memory of its host server. A single host server can support the operations of several virtual servers concurrently.

There are several myths surrounding VPS hosting plans. Despite the fact that a website being operated on a VPS server makes use of the resources and of the host server and even shares them with the other sites,  it does not necessarily mean that the performance of the individual users will be compromised. There are absolutely no compromises made with the VOS server hosting solutions available from Onlive Server. This is mainly because of the fact that all the virtual servers available at have their individual administration controls and are specifically designed to operate independent data, applications, and other systems.

Virtual Private Servers are generally built by making use of host servers with huge potential than the Cheap Dedicated Server. This is the reason why the majority of the VPS servers deliver better speed and performance than dedicated and Cloud VPS Server. Linux-based VPS servers are not only easy to operate but they can come as one of the greatest advantages for businesses in a number of other ways. One of the most attractive benefits of these server hosting plans is that they are highly affordable and especially the ones that come from Onlive Server. These server hosting plans are also considered for their enhancing security and reliability.


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