Rubber Bandits relaunches Award-Winning labeling product originally sold at Staples

Rubber Bandits redesigned, the easier way to label, bundle and organize items. Available today on Amazon.
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Rubber Bandits - the easy way to label, bundle and organize items
Rubber Bandits - the easy way to label, bundle and organize items
NEW YORK - Jan. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- With an updated design, bright new colors, multiple sizes and new non-latex rubber bands, Rubber Bandits is updating its innovative office product originally sold at 1,400 Staples stores and an award winner of the first Staples Invention Quest competition to create the next great office product.

Designed to make organizing easier, Rubber Bandits are flexible labeling bands with durable write-on note tags. Write, wrap and you're done. Made from premium quality materials, Rubber Bandits make it easy to label and bundle items, create reminders, organize documents, sort deliveries and find items faster.

Now with bright color non-latex rubber bands that make for easy identification, soft-stretch rubber bands are made with a synthetic rubber compound containing no natural rubber proteins for everyone to use and help protect users from latex allergies.

Write on the wide heavy-duty tags made of Tyvek® that won't rip, fade or dissolve in water. Use a ball point pen, marker (Sharpie®) or reuse with a No. 2 pencil.

"On moving day, I was bundling piles of paperwork and files with rubber bands and self-stick notes that kept falling off. I wanted a better way to organize and label things. So, I invented Rubber Bandits to make organizing easier," said Adrian Chernoff, inventor of Rubber Bandits and creator of electric cars at General Motors, rides at Walt Disney Imagineering, printers at Kodak, robots at NASA and digital health apps and medical devices at Johnson & Johnson.

Great for use in the home, workplace, business, office, school, travel, athletics, manufacturing, construction, retail, mail rooms, restaurants and in strategy, design, law and architecture firms.

INSTANT ORGANIZATION: Just write, wrap and you're done. The simple way to organize, label and identify items. Create reminders, manage inventory, process deliveries and find items faster.

HEAVY DUTY NOTE TAGS: Made from durable water- and tear-resistant Tyvek® labels. Flexible paper-like write-on labeling tags won't rip, fade or dissolve in water.

BRIGHT RUBBER BANDS: Bright soft-stretch color bands make it easier to identify and wrap around single or multiple items. Bands come in 3.5 or 7.5 inches long and in a wide 1/8" format for a better hold.

NON-LATEX BANDS:  Designed for anyone to use. Rubber bands are made from a synthetic rubber formulation containing no natural rubber proteins to help reduce reactions in those with latex allergies.

Rubber Bandits and the new designs will be packaged in 12-count packages and sold as single packs or in multipacks containing 8 medium and 4 large band-its per pack. Products are available on at  For more information on Rubber Bandits or about custom printed Rubber Bandits in bulk quantities visit

Usage Examples:
  • Custom label and wrap papers, folders, documents, prints, drawings, books and mail.
  • Easily organize supplies, inventory, boxes, equipment, blueprints and storage items.
  • Smartly tag food and packages deliveries for pickup or delivery.
  • Create reminders, custom messages and everyday notes.
  • Label medicine, food containers, plants, gifts, wine bottles, keys and everyday items.
  • Quickly identify travel items, clothing, office supplies, electrical cables and educational items.
  • Keep your workplace better organized by tagging, bundling, and managing multiple items.

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