After a long period of time I realized why there were so many people who liked Inuyasha in that year

After a long period of time, I realized why there were so many people who liked Inuyasha in that year.
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BEIJING - Dec. 28, 2018 - PRLog -- "Inuyasha", a cartoon by Takahashi Rumiko, has not stopped since it was adapted into anime. Whether it is the story that must be said between Maitreya and the coral, or the cute pet mica, or the cold but gentle killing of the temple, each character is shaped by flesh and blood, fighting and feelings, and deeply attracting readers. But today Xiaobian wants to say is no longer they, but a sad character in the anime - Campanulaceae!
To be honest, when I was a child, I watched the anime of Inuyasha, and I didn't like the bellflower. I can even say that I hate her. Because, in the concept of Xiaobian Xiaoshi, the person who Inuyasha likes should be Ge Wei, and the platycodon is not a ghost, plus the original platycodon in order to defeat Nai, help him collect the fragments of the four souls, and hurt many people. This makes Xiaobian even more unhappy with her. However, after many years have passed, Xiao Bian relives the plot in Inuyasha and suddenly discovers that the original platycodon is a really distressing character!
Five hundred years ago, she was a respectable witch, with a strong spiritual power and the task of guarding the jade of the four souls. She was very kind, very gentle to the weak, and dedicated to others. She had lived this simple and calm life before meeting Inuyasha. However, I do not know when to start, a half demon appeared in her side, from the first to start with other monsters, want to snatch the four souls of jade, want to guard her behind. This is probably the first time that the bellflower has been guarded. After all, she used to guard others. This kind of warmth made her sink into it, and she fell in love with Inuyasha! Inuyasha, naturally also love her, for her, he is willing to give up the identity of the demon, only wish to be with her for a lifetime.
However, life is like a play. She and the Inuyasha are trapped by the half demon of the ghost spider. The bellflower is seriously injured, and the Inuyasha is also sealed by the bellflower. Finally, the platycodon died and died. Before she died, she got rid of others and burned her body with the jade of the four souls. The jade of the four souls can fulfill the wishes of the people. When the infarction goes, although she does not personally say her wishes, the jade of the four souls must also be heard. She wants to see Inuyasha again! Therefore, only 500 years later, Ge Wei appeared with her soul in front of Inuyasha.

Everything was fine, she thought it was over. However, I did not expect that she would come back with a ceramic body. The misunderstanding 500 years ago has not been solved. Her feelings about Inuyasha can only be love and hate. Later, it was hard to solve the misunderstanding, but what is the use of all this? She is already a dead person, and there are also Ge ​​Wei around the Inuyasha. Is she right for Ge Wei?

Hey, she can stay at the Inuyasha with no worries, and she is still alive, but she has only a broken body, and she can rely on the souls of others to survive in this world. She seems to be no longer responsible for her responsibility except for the protection of the soul of the four souls 50 years ago, and the rest is nothing! However, at least she still has the responsibility, otherwise she may not find the meaning of her existence.
Later, in the plan to defeat Nai, she was everywhere. To be honest, in the play, there are many people who want to chase down Nai, there are a couple of Inuyasha, a Sesshomaru and so on, but only she is a person! One person bears all! Later, when Xiaobian saw that she was hit by the Nai Luo, even if she didn't like her very much, she couldn't help her. At that time, when she thought she was going to die, in her mind, she thought it was the time with the Inuyasha! Some people say that when people are going to die, they will recall the most important moments for her. So, at that time, it was the most important moment in her life, right?  Visit <a href="">
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Later, she survived and met SANGO's younger brother, KOHAKU. The character KOHAKU is definitely a distressing character in the whole animation. When I was young, Xiaobian really liked the role of KOKAKU. Later, I saw KOHAKU followed Kikyo. Xiaobian was particularly unhappy at the time. Especially when KOHAKU worried about Kikyo, Xiaobian didn't understand. However, after recalling it, Xiaobian thinks that KOHAKU is afraid that it is the one who can really understand Kikyo! After all, they are all dead people! They all know that they can't get back to the feelings of their favorite people.

However, KOKAKU is more fortunate than Kikyo. After all, he still has a chance, but Kikyo, there is no chance at all. During the time when she was with KOHAKU, Xiao Bian felt that she should like this little brother very much. Therefore, in the final battle, she gave up all her plans and left the vitality to KOHAKU. And herself, eventually disappeared into the arms of Inuyasha, this is her final ending.
Returning to this world, is Kikyo happy? Xiaobian thinks she is happy, at least, she once again met Inuyasha, and saved the lives of others again. Xiao Bian said that the bellflower is a gentle person, and after so much experience, she still can not change her nature - gentle! Just, I only want to live, she can really live a little more happy, can find a lover who is willing to fight for her, and can be with him!

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