More than Sporting Goods; Play It Again Sports Announces Maintenance Services

At Play It Again Sports, we're more than a place to purchase new and used sporting goods. We also offer a variety of maintenance services for your sports equipment, helping it to last longer for more rounds, games, matches, or time on the ice.
By: Play It Again Sports Palatine
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Sharpen your skates at Play It Again Sports Palatine.
Sharpen your skates at Play It Again Sports Palatine.
PALATINE, Ill. - Dec. 14, 2018 - PRLog -- When you love a sport, you're all in, but the more you practice, the more your gear can show signs of wear and tear. Taking care of your equipment helps it perform better for you. Let Play It Again Sports help you keep your equipment in top shape.

Golf club regripping

Did you know that two-thirds of golfers never re-grip their clubs? After just 30 rounds of play, your grips start to wear down from friction, sweat, cold, and dirt.

While there are ways to extend the life of your grips, such as washing them in warm water with a touch of dish soap, they do wear out. If you can see wear patterns or small finger imprints, if the surfaces are shiny or tacky, or if you see grit and grime, it's time to replace your grips.

Lacrosse heads restringing

Because your lacrosse pocket affects the track and whip of your ball, it's crucial to take care of your stick properly. If you notice mesh that is torn or frayed, or if you see loose or fraying sidewall string, it's time to have your lacrosse head restrung.

If you've played in the rain, your pocket may have bagged out and deepened. To prolong its life, absorb excess moisture with newspaper. On the other hand, hot weather can shrink the pocket, and you can gently reshape it after immersing the head in warm water.

When it's time to restring, though, come on in to see our pros.

Skate sharpening

Hockey players and figure skaters need to have their skates sharpened regularly. Sharpening creates a shape—called a hollow—between the two edges of the skate blade. The shallower the hollow, the more speed and glide the skater has; the deeper the hollow, the more grip or bite he or she has. Regardless of hollow shape preference, skates require regular sharpening to protect and extend the life of the blade.

Mitt restringing

Baseball and softball players invest a lot of time into softening their gloves and mitts. Often the first place that wear shows is in the mitt's laces. By replacing broken or worn-out strings, you can extend the life of your trusty mitt.

Our pros know exactly how to restring a mitt to give it new life for hours—and games—of additional play.

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