Make Sure Your Trees are Ready for the Winter: A Winter Tree Care Checklist from Advanced Tree Care

Trees buffer strong winds, provide shade in summer, give your home curb appeal, and serve as homes to all sorts of small animals and insects. And tree removal can be costly and complex. Preparing trees for extreme winter weather can help ensure that they stay healthy all year round.
By: Advanced Tree Care
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Winters can be harsh on trees; use these tips to help keep them healthy.
Winters can be harsh on trees; use these tips to help keep them healthy.
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - Nov. 25, 2018 - PRLog -- November marks the boundary between fall and winter, and the weather certainly proves it. While it might be mild and sunny one day, it could snow the next. With real Chicago-style winter on the way, it's the right time of the season to familiarize yourself with a winter tree care checklist.

Winter Tree Care Checklist

1. Prune your trees

To reduce the chance of limb damage during winter's snow and ice storms, it's important to have your trees pruned in the late fall or early winter. Trees are dormant now, so it's a good time to prune. And, pruning can take care of weak or damaged branches or V-shaped crotches, which might otherwise snap under added weight or stress.

2. Protect young trees
While pruning will protect most established and mature trees, young or newly planted trees may benefit from some additional protection. Consider a windbreak, wrapping, or other protection. Consult a professional tree service for the best options.

3. Brace your trees
Bracing your trees can provide added protection against winter storm damage. In addition, cabling or bracing branches over a sidewalk, driveway, or street might guard against a falling branch that could damage a car or hurt a pedestrian.

4. Feed your trees
Although dormant, trees do require hydration and nutrition during the winter. Be sure to water your trees and apply an organic fertilizer as needed before winter gets truly underway. Also, consider applying mulch to protect and insulate root systems from ice, snow, and salt.
Speaking of salt, many trees along parkways get an overdose of salt from plows and road salting trucks. Be sure to clear excess snow away from these trees' trunks and roots so when the snow melts, your tree isn't absorbing so much salt.

5. Consult a professional
A professional tree service led by a certified arborist can help ensure your trees are properly cared for each winter. That way, they'll be able to bring beauty, shade, and majesty when spring and summer roll around again.

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