Nickel Allergy In the Know – Is Titanium the Best Choice in a Belt Buckle?

If you've been diagnosed with an allergy to metal, suddenly all purchases take on a new importance, down to deciding which belt or belt buckle to buy.
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Titanium Work Belt with Distressed Gray Leather
Titanium Work Belt with Distressed Gray Leather
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - Nov. 20, 2018 - PRLog -- To help you make the right choice, we've put together several important considerations when choosing between a nickel free zinc belt buckle and a solid titanium buckle.
  • Have you been diagnosed with an allergy to nickel, an allergy to another metal, or multiple metal allergies? If you are allergic to only nickel, you can safely select either zinc or titanium and be nickel rash free. If you are allergic to more metals than nickel, you should always choose titanium over zinc. Reactions to titanium are nearly non-existent and titanium is the metal most often recommended by dermatologists for those with contact dermatitis to metals.
  • How often do you wear a belt? If you have a physically active job and wear the same belt every workday, titanium is the obvious choice due to its strength and durability. The NoNickel Signature Series Work Belts, including the Titanium Work Belt (Distressed Gray), are guaranteed for life against breakage and are handcrafted to withstand the abuse of a labor-intensive job.  Buy one nickel free titanium work belt and never have to buy another (as long as your size doesn't change!). On the other hand if your shirt is usually untucked with no belt, but you might wear one on the occasional date night, a Certified Nickel Free™ zinc buckle will work well for you, as long as your allergy is only to nickel.
  • Love to change things up on a regular basis?  You may find zinc buckles to be a bit more trendy and certainly are the less expensive option of the two, allowing for multiple belt purchases over a short period of time!  Solid titanium buckles also have a great look, but are more costly. These buckles are attractive to many due to their longevity.
  • Budget – as referenced in the above paragraph, if your allergy allows a choice between these two metals, zinc is definitely the budget friendly option. The Certified Nickel Free Zinc Alloy Buckles at NoNickel range between the popular Bottle Opener Buckles to a classic squared dress buckle and several in between! Every Titanium Buckle at NoNickel is guaranteed for life, so with that consideration it may work well into your budget after all!
  • Consider how these buckles look with your wardrobe, as well as the width of buckle that works with your belt straps. If you lean toward a casual, fun look The Cold Mountain Black Belt  pairs a nickel free zinc bottle opener buckle with a handcrafted black leather strap.. For those with dressier tastes, the Silver Square Tan Belt combines a current look in handcrafted leather with a classic nickel free zinc buckle. The Titanium Belts at NoNickel range from the heavy duty work belts to more sophisticated styles.
No matter which belt or buckle you choose, if you make the selection from, you will get a lifetime guarantee that the buckle will never test positive for nickel. Having that reassurance makes shopping a lot easier!


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