Synced Released 2018 Fortune Global 500 Public Company Artificial Intelligence Adaptivity Report

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High AI Adaptability Companies
High AI Adaptability Companies
TORONTO - Nov. 20, 2018 - PRLog -- Synced, an AI information service company, announces that its global division has released "2018 Fortune Global 500 Public Company Artificial Intelligence Adaptivity Report". The simplified kindle-formatted report is now available for purchase on Amazon. The company also offers a complimentary PDF report to readers who apply for Synced Insight Partner Program.

In this report, Synced examines how the key industrial players deal with AI in the past few years. The report targeted 640 companies that are enlisted on the Fortune Global 500 list from the year 2013 to 2017. After reviewing over 100,000 company press releases and more than 3,000 annual reports and white papers, the analyst team finally zoomed in on 145 public companies from 17 different sectors that stated the use of AI technologies.

"This report looks at how the biggest industry players tap into AI. We hope this serves as a shortcut reference for business leaders, AI scientists, analysts, and everyone interested in embrace the wave of intelligence transformation and putting AI technologies to practical use," according to Chain Zhang, the report Producer, Co-Founder & Head of Global Operations of Synced.

The last few years are seen as the key window of opportunity for AI research breakthroughs and commercial deployment. In the academia, global AI research publication numbers grew from around 70 in 2013 to 1,400 in 2016. The global investment in AI grew from $1 billion in 2013 to $14 billion in 2017. There are also some 20 sets of strategies and action plans announced by governments around the world. Yet the actual deployment process of the related AI technologies is in for the long haul and requires efforts from all levels of society.

"The introduction of AI to any organization can be complicated, involving internal staff, external suppliers, and end customers. Sound AI applications will expedite social transformations, whereas the malfunctioning ones will blow up the capital bubble, on top of wasting time and human resource," Robert Tian, principal author of the report, Senior Consultant of Synced, commented.

The report is a recap of the interesting trends and facts that Synced found, which reviews how industrial behemoths implement the technology in their production, products, and services.

Key Trends and Observations
  • The average annual growth rate of companies mentioning AI in their press releases is 144.5% from 2013 to 2017. The soaring numbers slowed down in 2017;
  • AI adopting companies are mostly spread across leading sectors such as Financials, Technology, Motor Vehicles & Parts. Yet Business Services, Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure have the most adopters by percentage;
  • 86.9% of target companies issued their AI strategy sometime in between 2015 and 2017, whereby 2016 is the peak year;
  • The most recurrent AI-related actions focus on AI spend, product development, and customer experience;
  • Out of the 145 companies that embraced AI, 31 are based in Japan, 28 are in the US companies, while 17 are based in China. Germany and the UK have 13 companies, respectively.
After conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, the report categorizes target companies into three categories:

High AI Adaptive Companies: These companies notice AI at the right time. The majority are from the Financial and Technology sectors and announce their AI strategies in congruence with the overall timing trend. Many focus their efforts on products, R&D, and forging partnerships;

Low AI Adaptive Companies: These companies notice AI much earlier than the industrial average. Aerospace & Defense, Engineering & Construction sectors have the highest proportion of mal-adaptors. Many focus their efforts on external liaison and marketing;

The Complicated Adopters: The complicated adopter has performance impacted by other corporate activities or external turbulence. Synced offers a full list examining the complications;

For each of the three categories, Synced introduces two company case studies to illustrate, namely BP, Amazon, General Electric, Amazon, Wells Fargo, and SAIC Motor. The report wraps with a checklist for the all to-be AI adopters.

How to access this report?

There are two ways to acquire the report:

  • Purchase a Kindle-formatted version of the report Year of AI: How Did Global Public Company Adapt to the Wave of AI Transformation on Amazon for $19.99

    Readers can purchase the report directly from the Kindle Store for $19.99. Note that graphs and tables have been simplified due to Kindle's formatting limits, but the report's key information is fully included.

  • Apply for Synced Insight Partner Program to get the full report for FREE

    Synced partners with a wide range of academic experts, business leaders and industry influencers through our Insight Partnership Program. Synced provides FREE report access to its partners in the global AI community. The company encourages AI professionals and AI companies to join the Insight Partner Program where you will find opportunities to share your professional experience and contribute your ideas to the community. You can get your voice heard and interact with people who have the same interests in AI. The program can also help grow your company's media exposure and enhance your professional brand image through the company's high-quality events, where you can introduce your company and exciting projects. This provides a great opportunity to acquire connections, talents, capital, clients and other resources as well.

    Simply Apply for Synced Insight Partnership Program and let us know about yourself and your focus in AI. Synced will give you a response with the report attached once your application is approved.


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