Can Alterations make a Wedding Dress Bigger?

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Aline wedding dress
Aline wedding dress
SAN FRANCISCO - Nov. 14, 2018 - PRLog -- Every bride deserves to feel beautiful, no matter her size. Which is why it's encouraging to know that wedding dress alterations can in fact make a dress bigger.

While it's still important to get close to your size when you buy the dress, there are a few things seamstresses can do when it comes to altering your dress for the right fit. What you may not realize is there are some wonderful techniques that can help cater a dress to fit even if it is a little on the small side in some places.

Here's what can be done:
  1. Letting a dress "out": In some cases, a wedding dress can be 'let out' which means that fabric, usually from the waist, is let out from the seams. The leftover fabric can then be stitched to the sides.
  2. Resizing: Wedding dresses can also be resized, though this is usually done for wedding dresses that are too large. However, it is possible to also let out fabric in other areas, such as sleeves or busts. This is important to know, especially if you might be smaller in your hips for example, but larger in your bust. For zipper back dresses, you can have the panel taken out and a corset back placed in, which can give you up to a few inches.
  3. Limitations: Some fabrics cannot be let out without what is called "memory stitch marks," so it's important to ask. Budget both the time and extra money for having a dress sized up. Depending on what alterations need to be made, the dress might also look slightly different, so make sure you know what the alterations will involve.

And as always, our best advice is to speak directly with a professional by booking an appointment.


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