Van Wagoner Ventures receives Dagda Certification as an Impact Investment Organization

Garrett Van Wagoner, Managing Member at Van Wagoner Ventures announced today the completion of the Dagda Certification Program validating compliance with relevant GIIN standards for Impact investing. The GIIN standards are the Impact Industry's accepted norms for impact criteria and Dagda Group is rapidly becoming the industry's leader in applying relevant GIIN standards for evaluating organization impact.
SAN FRANCISCO - Oct. 29, 2018 - PRLog -- Dagda Certification

After careful consideration and documentation, Dagda certifies based on meeting the relevant GIIN standards that Van Wagoner Ventures is a Socially Impactful and Environmentally Sustainable organization. Our conclusion is based on our assessment of Van Wagoner Ventures adherence to the GIIN standards listed in our report.

Quoting from the conference website, Mr. Van Wagoner stated "The impact investing movement is reshaping the future of the financial markets as increasingly investors are considering the societal and environmental impact of their portfolio decisions in addition to the financial returns. Van Wagoner Ventures is aligned with the goals of impact investing and its products all have a strong emphasis on creating Impact."

"Van Wagoner Ventures has established an organization and developed an investment process assuring impact at the organizational and investment level creating as its mission social and environmental sustainable commitments to reshaping society by connecting the way we live, work and travel.  The firm's impact goals are essential for each investment and follow the goals established for Van Wagoner Ventures."

In addition, Mr. Van Wagoner stated "We are currently marketing our fourth product in the mobility connected space and our portfolio companies will be at the vanguard of the Fourth Generation Industrial Revolution reshaping society by connecting the way people live, work, and travel. Intelligent transportation will be a critical piece of the puzzle ultimately creating Impact through an inter-dependent cleaner more efficient sustainable interconnected grid."

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