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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Oct. 6, 2018 - PRLog -- Digital Marketing has surged in recent years to unbelievable extent across the globe and the reason is enormous usage of social media platforms and thus businesses investing in Digital Marketing and reaping its benefits. But choosing the right digital marketing agency is the key for the business owners, as increase in number of digital marketing agencies has made it a difficult task.

Tech Tinderbox is a top digital marketing agency (, whose certified and highly experienced Digital Marketing specialists design & implement marketing campaigns which yield higher conversion rates, increased business revenues and also keeping them one step ahead of their competitors.

1) Before getting on board, determine your company's marketing prerequisites and prospects?

It is very important to know your marketing needs before selecting an agency, like you require lead generation service, branding services or high conversion?

Once you are prepared with this initial detrimental aspect, you can convey your idea and it's the marketing agency's job to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy that meets your business objectives. Below are some important marketing techniques:

• Inbound Marketing- Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses different pull marketing techniques like content marketing, blogs, SEO, Social Media etc. that helps in creating brand awareness.

• SEO(Search Engine Optimization) – Search Engine Optimization is a marketing method of growing visibility of a website in organic or non-paid search engine results pages (SERP).SEO primarily includes both creative and technical elements essential for boosting website rankings, drive traffic and adds brand awareness in search engines.

Organic search results displayed are basically ranked as per search engine's algorithm. Predominantly web traffic is directed by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Social media and other types of methods can generate traffic to your website, but search engines are the primary source of navigation online.

Search engines are beneficial source as they produce targeted traffic, what people search for and what you offer. Search engines acts as bridges between people searching online and companies offering those services. If search engines can't discover your website or append your website content to their databases, then your business may lose source of driving traffic to your website.
Search queries or Keywords: the words which users type in the search box, have incredible importance. Results indicate that search engine traffic can boost a company's business.

• SEM (Search Engine Marketing)– Search Engine Marketing is a marketing discipline to get quick results (or leads).It is paid traffic from search engines, where you need to pay for advertisements. It is also called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. These ads are displayed on a user's SERP after they query. Commonly used sources of paid ads are Google AdWords, Bing Ads.

• SMM (Social Media Marketing)– Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing technique which involves social media platforms, where businesses can reach to people. From recent statistics, 72% adults use social networking platforms. To reap benefits from this segment of traffic, businesses are targeting their customers by engaging with them. Thus, it benefits business in creating brand's service/product awareness, improve brand loyalty, share customer experiences, high brand authority, increased inbound traffic, high conversion rates and better search engine ranking.

• Content Marketing– Content marketing is a technique of developing and distributing valuable, relevant and helpful content to your target audience, in order to achieve your company's marketing goal of generating more leads and increased sales revenues. This content can be in form of images, posts, videos, and blogs on your social media platforms or website.

As marketers we should create content by keeping target audience in our mind, what they are interested in and what is helpful for them. We should not always focus about sales directly, engaging and educating our consumers to build our brand recognition, loyalty and authority.

• Email Marketing– Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, where business owners don't use 3rd party platforms (social media, search engines etc.) to reach potential customers, rather we communicate directly. Direct marketing technique doesn't imply that through every email we try to sell something, it is a tool of contact to reach our customers directly with a message. And messages we forward, are of two types:

• Emails that builds relationship with your current and earlier customers and encourage them to repeat business. Our intention is to build value to our customer without asking them for anything in return.
• Emails that request for a purchase from customers for a new product or offer

2) Does the agency understood your business objectives and can it fulfill them?

As you are above to invest for your company's marketing campaign, it is important to know the agency has comprehended your business needs, otherwise your company may not achieve desired results.
Other aspect of this is to determine whether the agency you selected can fulfill the task you have chosen them for. This can be done by doing some online search about the marketing agency i.e. is their agency listed in search engines for any services you are searching for. If they have clients whom they already served for similar services, do some research, it should be reassuring.

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